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BBVA Mexico, improving the lives of pensioners

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Client: BBVA Mexico

BBVA is a global financial group founded in 1857 with a customer-centric vision.

It has a leading position in the Spanish market, is the largest financial institution in Mexico, and has top franchises in South America.

  • Industry: Financial services
  • Size: +10.000
  • Country: Mexico

First entity in Mexico to offer remote life faith process through voice biometrics

BBVA Mexico has become the first institution to implement a new use case that allows senior citizens to provide proof of life with a simple phone call. This innovative service has already allowed more than 50,000 Mexican citizens to carry out this process without having to leave their homes and with a high level of security.

Learn how Veridas' voice solution achieves a 99% success rate

The challenge

What if all this could be done from your living room? It is now possible thanks to voice biometrics. 

Voice biometrics allows a person to verify their identity using only their voice. 

It is a transparent and secure process, allowing a person’s identity to be verified by voice with a single call, anytime, anywhere, in any language, and as little as 3 seconds. 

The Veridas voice recognition system has an anti-spoofing system that detects pre-recorded voices and warns of potential identity theft to avoid possible fraud cases. 

To take advantage of this service, users must register their voice only once and then provide proof of life from anywhere and without traveling.

The solution: Veridas

This measure has resulted in cost savings for BBVA Mexico as the 3 seconds required for verification is a substantial improvement over the estimated 30 seconds for a call center call. This passive liveness test, which does not need the person to take any specific action beyond speaking freely for three seconds, improves the user experience in every way. In addition, security is enhanced with an accuracy of +99.9% in verification and +99.5% in pre-recorded voice detection. 

Implementing this system is a step further in deploying an omnichannel strategy that allows banks and other entities to be closer to their customers digitally and on all platforms. 

Veridas voice biometrics can find the perfect balance between security and user experience with a cutting-edge 100% text-independent and language-independent technology that allows authenticating users in a completely transparent and secure way.

The results

seconds to register a voice
+ 0 K
mexican citizens have already registered
0 %
success rate
seconds to verify someone's identity
+ 0 K
authentications of mexican citizens
0 %
success rate
Learn how Veridas' voice solution achieves a 99% success rate

The “Pensions Voice Biometrics” project, by the hand of Veridas voice biometrics, has achieved a position in the Top 5 of the Most Innovative 2021 Ranking in the Private Sector category. Recognition granted by the magazine IT Masters Mag, in its 21st edition. 

Recognition granted, emphasizing that, among other existing tools on the market, Veridas solution stands out for its ease of use and its text-independent and language-independent functionalities. This greatly improves the bank’s users’ experience; more than 50,000 Mexican citizens have already registered, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS), an indicator that measures customer satisfaction and loyalty, has improved by 9 points.

Learn how Veridas' voice solution achieves a 99% success rate

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