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Voice biometrics

What is voice biometrics?

Our voice recognition technology allows us to compare two audios and determine if they correspond to the same person to verify their identity in milliseconds and with only 3 seconds of recording.

Our engine is based on Artificial Intelligence and designed to protect the user’s privacy at all times. 

How does it work?

Our voice biometrics engine captures the unique physical characteristics of the vocal apparatus and features such as frequency, speed and accents, and compiles them into a unique voice biometric vector for each individual.

This vector is irreversible, meaning that it is not possible to revert to the original audio.

The engine compares the vectors obtained from the recordings and provides a similarity score.

Recognition is passive as the technology is text and language independent. This means that the biometric comparison is related to the characteristics of the voice and not to the content of the sentence.


Protect yourself
against fraud

Our system is capable of detecting pre recorded voices to prevent fraud and phishing attempts.

World leaders


The system requires only 3 seconds of audio to verify a voice.


Authentication is done passively without the user having to repeat a specific phrase.


The technology allows the same user to speak different languages.

NIST evaluated

Our engine is present in the evaluation of the Speaker Recognition Challenge of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Detection of pre recorded voices.


All our technologies are available through the cloud.

Learn how industry leaders are using biometrics to improve their business. We invite you to watch the webinar “Voice biometrics: forget all your passwords, just speak!”

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