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/Mutua Madrileña reduces its customer verification time by 95% thanks to voice biometrics

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The challenge: reducing customer service time to improve customer experience

Nowadays, more and more people carry out everyday transactions online. Still, a high percentage of the population continues to do business over the telephone, especially in the insurance and telecommunications sector.
One of the most significant drawbacks of this system is user identification. Traditionally, this identity verification is done using “security questions,” which aim to verify the user’s identity based on knowledge of specific information such as identification numbers or addresses. In addition to lengthening the call time, which is usually around 95 seconds, this system is susceptible to fraud as it is very easy to bypass for anyone who might know or find out this information about the person.

The solution: a voice biometrics solution

Veridas voice biometrics allows companies such as Mutua Madrileña to reduce customer identification time to zero, as it is a technology that recognizes the user’s identity as they speak, with just 3 seconds of voice.
In this way, while the user indicates the reason for their call, they are automatically recognized in any language and speaking freely, without repeating any specific phrase or revealing any sensitive information.
Thanks to this technology, Mutua Madrileña offers its customers a secure and optimized authentication experience while reducing fraud and improving the operational efficiency of its contact center.

The result: reduction of customer identification time by up to 85 seconds.

With the incorporation of voice biometrics, Mutua Madrileña has achieved the following: 

  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating friction, passwords, and security questions.
  • Save on costs and operational efficiency by eliminating manual verification of customer identity.
  • Avoid identity theft: biometrics provides a highly secure and accurate method of identity verification that ensures only the right person is accessing services.
"Voice biometrics reduces customer verification time by more than 95%. The average busy IVR time is 90 seconds with traditional methods, while it becomes 5 seconds with this solution."
Héctor Estella
VoIP Manager en Mutua Madrileña
90 %
reduction of customer verification time
seconds to authenticate customers
10 %
improvement of service adaptability
10 %
productivity increase
10 %
cost savings

A Contact Center Hub award-winning project

The Platinum Contact Center Awards have established themselves as independent and prestigious awards for excellent customer service in the Spanish industry.

The award for “Best Customer Experience in Insurance 2023” has been granted to the Veridas project with Mutua Madrileña, reinforcing and encouraging us to continue our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction.
The award was presented by Ángel Ruiz and Belén Aliño, sales manager at Veridas, and collected by Judith Gil López from Mutua Madrileña, who highlighted “We are fulfilling the objective for which we included this voice biometrics solution – to reduce the TMO on each call and improve the experience – in IVR, and we are exploring for its amplification in other customer service channels.”

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