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C.A. Osasuna, first LaLiga club to offer its members access via facial recognition

Club Atlético Osasuna became the first club in LaLiga Española to offer facial recognition as an access system to its stadium. This innovative access system was launched in April 2021 and is now available at eight of its gates.

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The challenge: increasing security at El Sadar and improving the access experience for members

C.A. Osasuna members access El Sadar through their physical or digital season tickets. However, this system can be inconvenient as it forces them to carry their credentials at all times and often requires the assistance of Club staff, causing queues to form at the turnstiles and slowing down the entrance to the stadium.

In terms of security, one of the pillars of the Club is to keep rigorous control of the access to El Sadar that takes place every match. And the current access system makes it difficult to authenticate, with the utmost confidence, whether the people who enter are season ticket holders or have the right to do so.

For this reason, C. A. Osasuna is faced with the opportunity to increase the security of the accesses while offering its members a more comfortable and faster access experience to the football stadium.

The solution: an access management and identity verification platform

Veridas has developed an identity verification and access management platform that allows C.A. Osasuna members to access the stadium quickly, comfortably and more securely, without having to carry their season ticket or mobile phone with them.

Registration process in less than a minute

To use this new system, members can register very easily through a link provided by the Club, using their mobile phone by following the steps indicated:

  • Scanning the QR code of the season ticket
  • Scanning the ID card
  • Take a selfie

Convenient, safe and queue-free access

Once registration has been completed, members can access the stadium with their faces for all season matches and beyond if they renew their season tickets. The terminal recognizes you within milliseconds and allows access when approaching the terminal.

Onboarding digital de Veridas caso socios Osasuna.
acceso osasuna

In addition to the excellent access experience for club members, the resale and forgery of tickets are prevented because access is linked to the identity of the person. However, it is essential to emphasize that this system is perfectly compatible with the transfer of season tickets. Access with a face does not exclude all other forms of access.

Easy integration and installation

The installation of the system is very simple. Veridas offers full integration with LaLiga’s access control system and can be connected to any turnstile.

Real-time management and analysis

Veridas provides a web portal with monitoring panels that allow one to manage and analyze, in a very simple way, all the accesses in El Sadar, in real-time and by gate. In this way, the Club can control what is happening.

The result: a 5 times faster access experience for C.A. Osasuna members

For C.A. Osasuna, Veridas has improved the access experience for its members: faster by reducing queues and more comfortable as they are not obliged to carry their season tickets with them.

This innovative access system results in a 5-fold increase in the number of people entering through the facial recognition turnstiles compared to conventional turnstiles. The rate of entry through the gates enabled with the terminals is 40 people per minute. This is an unprecedented figure in the flow of fans entering a stadium.

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