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/Over 5000 Members of Ciudad Deportiva Amaya choose Facial Biometrics Access

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The Challenge: Providing a Better Access Experience and Convenience for Members

Until now, C.D. Amaya members had different methods of accessing the club’s facilities: a membership card, fingerprint scanning, and a QR code. However, they noticed that these systems often led to bottlenecks at the entrances and were especially inconvenient for older members.

"The fingerprint system used to have issues, especially when leaving the pool or gym. This new system doesn't fail, and it also makes you feel more secure because some people could sneak in."

For this reason, C.D. Amaya has taken the step and embraced facial biometrics as the access system for their spaces.

"After hearing about the experiences of other clubs like Tenis and San Juan, we were encouraged to move towards facial recognition, and honestly, it has been a very satisfying experience. The members are very happy with the club for implementing it."

The Solution: A Facial Biometrics Access Management System

Veridas offers a platform designed to optimize the management of all access points in a sports entity, saving costs and increasing security while providing greater convenience of access.

Thanks to Veridas, C.D. Amaya now provides its members with enhanced convenience and faster access, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter their premises. In addition to streamlining management processes, it frees up reception staff from manually controlling access, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

"The user has a great access experience, especially for the elderly. The machine almost greets them as they enter, and they feel valued."

How is the registration process?

The registration process couldn’t be simpler. To start using the system, the member needs to give their consent to the club to register them using their stored photo in the database.

Consent can be given in two different ways: through a mobile device, where the club sends an email and the member just needs to click a button, or in-person at the club’s reception, with the assistance of the reception staff. Afterward, they will be recognized by the facial recognition terminal, and the access turnstile will open automatically, all in less than a second.

"I registered at the reception in a moment, and as soon as I approached the reader, it recognized my face. It was amazing."

Quick and Easy Integration

This innovative system, 100% manufactured in Spain with proprietary technology, has been integrated, installed, and operational for members in just 6 weeks. The system can be seamlessly integrated with any club management and access control software.

In this case, the integration with the sports software Resasport allows for centralized access information in a single platform. Additionally, the integration with NR, the access control system present throughout the club, facilitates the installation of terminals in various spaces: the main entrance, the summer gate, the gym and spa, and future installations at the climbing wall access and pilot tests for the paddle courts.

"For us, the implementation has been very straightforward. It was essential that Resasports, our management program, and NR were integrated with dasGate technology, and that was very easy for us."

Digital Transformation and the Best Access Experience for Members

Thanks to Veridas, C.D. Amaya provides greater convenience and faster access to all its members while increasing security by ensuring that only authorized individuals access their spaces. Additionally, it streamlines management processes, freeing up reception staff from access control tasks to focus on other duties.

"Reception staff can now attend to other matters. Since the system is so effective, they no longer need to pay constant attention to this task."

The great communication efforts of the Club and its reception staff have led to more than 3,500 members voluntarily registering in the system in just a few weeks, making it their preferred access option. “The vast majority of our members are now opting for this system,” highlights Pablo.

"It has never failed me. I enter with my backpack, wet hair, and wearing pool goggles as I go from the pool to the spa, from the gym with a ponytail and sweaty. It works incredibly well."

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