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Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The challenge

As a modern company that wanted to differentiate itself from traditional mobile communications operators, Ventocom needed to make its services more accessible, more straightforward, and safer for its customers and potential customers.

The main challenge in this regard was the SIM card activation process. This procedure requires several security controls defined by national governments and national regulators, including verifying the purchaser’s identity. In Austria, SIM cards can be purchased in official stores, post offices, and supermarkets, the latter being the preferred option for citizens and tourists. Ventocom needed to remove these bureaucratic barriers and offer its services secure, fast, and user-friendly. And that’s when they met Veridas.

The solution

Veridas entered the digital identity verification market in 2017, with an initial focus on the financial sector. However, the need to corroborate users’ identities was present across multiple industries and sectors, leading Veridas to expand its market.

In 2018, Ventocom met with Veridas and agreed to collaborate on a solution to Ventocom’s challenge. Ventocom implemented Veridas’ onboarding process by creating three customer journeys available to users after purchasing a SIM card:

· Cashier-directed SIM card activation at the supermarket in less than a minute.

· Self-activation of the SIM card by the customer on the go on a mobile device using the Ventocom app.

· The customer’s personalization of the SIM card at home on a desktop or laptop via the Ventocom website.

[DOWNLOAD VENTOCOM FULL REPORT]:  The digital onboarding case implemented by Ventocom with Veridas' solutions.

Veridas onboarding

Veridas develops 100% proprietary solutions in a SaaS model. APIs and SDKs are modular and can be combined in different ways to build multiple user journeys.


  • Full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the document
  • Document authenticity analysis
  • NFC chip reading


  • Biometric verification between ID card and selfie taken during the same process
  • Advanced life detection with anti-spoofing techniques (iBeta Level 1 PAD)

The results

More than 750,000 users with documents from more than 40 countries have already activated their SIM cards thanks to the Ventocom and Veridas solution. The process shows an overall conversion rate of more than 90%.

Fraud cases are automatically recognized and filtered out. 

– ID documents of people different from the customer are automatically recognized by the Veridas biometric engine.

– Photos of ID documents printed on paper or displayed by a mobile device are automatically detected by Veridas’ document authenticity analysis.

– Expired ID documents are automatically identified by Veridas validation technology.

The security and high automation of the Ventocom and Veridas solution have enabled a fast and straightforward activation process for our customers, which is a critical factor for Ventocom’s growth in the Austrian market.

As a result of this successful collaboration, Ventocom and Veridas have recently signed a long-term contract to extend their relationship until 2024. Both companies see this as a sign of mutual trust and a step forward on their path to remain leaders in their respective sectors.

[DOWNLOAD VENTOCOM FULL REPORT]:  The digital onboarding case implemented by Ventocom with Veridas' solutions.

The experience


“In 2018, Ventocom sought a partner that would offer a safe and secure customer identification solution that it could easily integrate into our company’s universe. 

In addition, this partner had to have the flexibility to adapt its solution to Ventocom’s requirements when necessary. In the end, we decided on Veridas and have not regretted this decision.

Ventocom had some special requirements for their customer journeys, which Veridas implemented within three months as part of the project’s initial phase.

The success of this solution was directly visible in the first days after the launch. In addition, Veridas is constantly improving its solution in terms of quality and functionality, while taking into account Ventocom’s feedback”.

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