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Helvetia, the Swiss insurance sector leader with a significant presence in the European Union countries, needed a solution that would allow them to increase their service offerings remotely in order to offer a more personalized and tailored to the needs of each of its users.

Since 2019, they have relied on Veridas as their technology provider. What has allowed them to offer their users digital registration, as well as biometric access to the customer portal.

The challenge: To offer more services digitally while maintaining security and trust

Customer registration is the first step in the relationship between companies and users. Any barriers that can be removed during this process help to increase customer conversion rates. However, the security levels of the process must be maintained or even increased without compromising the user experience.

Helvetia was looking for a digital identity verification provider that could offer a reliable, secure and customer-friendly solution.

The solution: Veridas digital onboarding

There are multiple biometric technology providers; however, it was Veridas and its digital onboarding that met all the requirements:

  • Technology that complies with the strictest regulations in each country (GDPR, CCPA, SEPBLAC, CNBV).
  • Biometric engines evaluated by the highest standards, such as NIST in the United States.
  • Document coverage in more than 190 countries, capable of validating the authenticity of more than 400 identity documents.
  • Anti-spoofing technology that ensures a secure and robust identity verification process against possible fraud attacks.
  • Software as a Service accessible from the cloud.
  • Service support and onboarding assistance with a dedicated Customer Success team.

Through Veridas digital onboarding, Helvetia has made possible:

    • Online customer onboarding.
    • At the time of registration, the customer needs only an identity verification document and a camera-enabled device. The customer registration and verification process are carried out in 3 easy steps:

      1. Global document verification. The customer must scan both sides of his identity document. Once the images of the document (front and back) are extracted, they are processed in the cloud where, through different operations such as OCR extraction or verification of the authenticity of the material, it is determined whether it is a valid or a fraudulent document.
      2. Facial biometrics. Our facial biometrics engine compares the photo on the ID document with the selfie taken during the process and determines if it is the same person.
      3. Liveness detection. Finally, to confirm that it is not a fraud attempt, our anti-spoofing technology verifies that the user performing the process is a real person through 2 simple head movements.
    • Facial biometric authentication to access the customer portal.
    • Access to the online customer portal does not require the user to remember any password or username; it is possible simply with a selfie.

      This is achieved using our facial biometrics technology. In the same way as in the process of registration, our facial biometrics engine compares the selfie with the registration selfie.

The results: a close and secure relationship with users

Thanks to Helvetia’s trust in Veridas and its digital onboarding since 2019, the insurance group can manage the registration of its customers online and allow access to the customer portal remotely, with maximum security.
This has resulted in:

  • Improved user experience. Access without passwords, at any time and from anywhere.
  • Enhanced business. By allowing more agile access to its platform and the convenience of signing up for its services, Helvetia is seeing an increase in business; the ease of access has resulted in a higher number of customer registrations.
  • Increased security. Veridas biometric technology allows the company to maximize every process’ security.
  • Competitive advantage. Few companies today are prepared to offer this level of digital service.

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