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Face biometrics

What is facial biometrics?

Facial recognition technology allows us to compare two facial images and determine if they correspond to the same person. In this way, we can verify a person’s identity by comparing their ID photo with a selfie.

Our engine is based on Artificial Intelligence and is designed to protect the user’s privacy at all times.

How does it work?

Landmarks? No, that’s too old-school.

Our facial biometrics engine is based on Artificial Intelligence. Unlike its predecessors (landmark-based engines), our system analyzes a facial image and converts it into an irreversible mathematical vector, making it impossible to recover the original image in case that vector is lost.

The vectors obtained from the images are compared and the similarity score between them is determined.

Our facial biometrics engine can perform:

  • Verification: Compare two images and determine if they are the same person.
  • Identification: Compare an image against a database and determine if that person is within that group.

The engine compares the vectors obtained from the recordings and provides a similarity score.


At the forefront of biometric technology

Our biometrics engine is periodically evaluated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the categories of: 

  • Verification (1:1): Comparison between two facial images to determine if they are the same person.
  • Identification (1:N): Searching within a match within an image database.
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Certified anti-spoofing technology

To perform a secure and robust identity verification process against possible fraud attacks, it is necessary to have anti-spoofing technology to determine if the person behind the screen is who he/she claims to be and is real.

At Veridas we have the most robust technology to protect your business and your users:

  • Advanced Liveness Detection: Certified by iBeta Level 1 PAD, this option allows you to find the perfect balance between security and user experience.
  • Video-identification service: The solution that guarantees you compliance with SEPBLAC regulations in Spain or CNBV in Mexico.

World leaders in facial biometrics

NIST evaluated

Our engine is present in continuous verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) evaluations.


All Veridas technologies are available through the cloud.

Minimum resolution

allows processing of images with faces with at least 80px eye-to-eye distance.


Comparison between vectors is performed in milliseconds


Detection of false images or screen attacks.

Identity, Biometrics and Artifical Intelligence

Discover the new era of biometrics with AI, all the legal frameworks and obligations in terms of security and data protection, and how ethics should guide the activity of our sector.

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