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Convenience and autonomy for Centro San José residents thanks to biometrics

The San José Center is a residential center of the Government of Navarra whose objective is to provide comprehensive care for adults with intellectual disabilities. To improve the autonomy and comfort of its residents, the center has installed facial recognition terminals in some of the rooms. In this way, thanks to biometrics, its users can enter and leave their rooms without the help of their relatives or caregivers.

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Seeking greater autonomy for residents

Autonomy is an ability desired from an early age. For people with disabilities, this makes even more sense, as they may experience difficulties in their daily lives with simple tasks such as accessing a room. At the San José Center, residents had no autonomy to access their rooms independently without the help of a family member or caregiver. With key systems in place, they could not take care of themselves. 


To reverse this situation, the center has decided to go for innovation and enhance the personal autonomy of its adult residents with intellectual disabilities to the maximum extent possible. To stimulate this autonomy, facial recognition terminals have been installed in the center’s rooms, allowing users to enter and leave without depending on the help of third parties and promoting their independence

"The freedom and autonomy of each individual is paramount and you have to start by being able to open the door."

Autonomy and security of room entry and exit through facial recognition

Facial recognition seeks to provide residents with a way to access their rooms autonomously and securely. By implementing this technology, Centro San José gives people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to have greater control over their environment and perform daily tasks without constantly relying on others.

Veridas, with its facial biometric access system, has allowed the center’s users to enter and leave their rooms independently without needing keys or outside assistance. 

In addition, this has also given peace of mind to families who are assured that only they, their resident family members, are the only ones accessing their rooms, combining security and independence, which is difficult to achieve in these situations. 

Using this innovative form of access could not be simpler. Users consent to the center to register them in the system using a photo. After registration, they can enter and leave their room by simply approaching the terminal installed at the door and showing their face. 

The system has been very well received by the center’s staff, family members and, of course, the residents, who have gained confidence and autonomy thanks to this innovative solution.

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