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Students at the Public University of Navarra can access the Library using facial biometrics

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A service requested by students

At exam time, the libraries are filled with students desperately looking for a space to study. For this reason, the Public University of Navarra, UPNA, has been demanding for years to have a guaranteed study space in their library since anyone, whether or not they are from the center, can access and occupy their place. 

To solve this situation and ensure the right to use the facilities by the university community and avoid the access of people outside the UPNA, the University has decided to limit the entrance only and exclusively to its members during the exam period by installing an access system by facial biometrics.

Facial biometrics: a new way to access the library

Since April 2023, the Public University of Navarra has implemented the Veridas technology in the access to the library of the Arrosadía Campus, which will be mandatory only during the two exam periods, to solve the situation described above. 

This new system allows people who belong to the UPNA to quickly, comfortably, and securely access the facilities, either through facial recognition or by using a QR code, guaranteeing access only to people who belong to the UPNA.

How does the system work?

To use the system, students and professors at the University need to register through an electronic device in less than a minute, following a few simple steps. 

To log in with their face, the user accepts the terms and conditions on their screen and takes a selfie. After this process, the person can enter and exit by facial biometrics, with maximum convenience, without needing cards or QRs. It is important to note that the information and data provided during registration are kept under the responsibility of the University along with the rest of the user’s information. 

However, if the user prefers to access with a QR code, they must access the University’s web portal and obtain a code that must be renewed daily to prevent misuse.

Secured study space for UPNA students

The results of this implementation are impressive: 

  • Approximately 1,000 physical logins per day have been recorded, demonstrating the massive adoption of this solution by the University’s students and staff.
  • So far, more than 9,000 students have registered with the system, underscoring the trust and acceptance it has gained among the university community
  • The economic benefits are also notable, with a return on investment (ROI) expected to be achieved in less than a year, demonstrating the effectiveness and profitability of the implemented solution.
"The Library's new autonomous control system allows for quick and efficient access, during the exam period, of people belonging to the University Community, guaranteeing their identity."
Miguel Pagola Barrio
Director of Digital Transformation at UPNA

In this way, the UPNA has found the solution to meet the historical and repeated demand of its students to have study spaces in the library of the Arrosadía campus during exam periods, who will have priority access over people from outside the University. 

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