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Sandra Marqués

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Cabify, one of the leading transportation companies in Latin America and Spain, was looking for a solution that would allow them to offer all their users a secure and straightforward way to activate an account.

Cabify chose Veridas’ digital onboarding as it is a solution that allows them to verify the identity of users as quickly and securely as possible, without compromising the experience in the app, and at the same time enables Cabify to comply with current regulations in all the countries where it operates.

The challenge: opening an account in a simple but secure way

Cabify was born as a transportation alternative to moving quickly and safely around the city.

Its goal is to achieve more sustainable communities, safer spaces, and generate valuable relationships between drivers, users and employees in the cities where they operate.

By making various types of vehicles available to users; cars, motorcycles, scooters… It is crucial to verify the identity of both the driver and passengers in order to guarantee a safe trip.

In addition, in the case of drivers, it is necessary to verify compliance with the requirements for using the vehicles, such as being of legal age or having a driver’s license, among others.

Another requirement was that the verification had to be carried out online through their app.

Finally, safety, speed and compliance with current regulations at the time of user verification is key for Cabify’s services to be offered safely to users.

How to verify passengers and drivers with maximum security and speed without compromising the user experience?

The solution: Veridas' digital onboarding

Veridas’ digital onboarding enables Cabify to verify its users in less than 1 minute, securely and with an agile and straightforward user experience.

The process consists of:

  • Verification of the user’s identity document and driver’s license. The driver must scan both sides of his ID card or driver’s license. The document images are processed in the cloud, where our document verification technology, through different operations such as OCR extraction or verification of the authenticity of the material, determines whether it is a valid, an expired document or if it is a fake replica.
  • Verify that the identity of the physical person corresponds to that of the scanned ID document. Through a selfie, our facial biometrics engine performs a biometric comparison between the photo of the document and a selfie taken by the user during the process and determines if it is the same person.

A process that is adapted to each service offered by Cabify and encompasses different processes.

Car rental:

  • Verification of the driver’s identity document.
  • Verification of the driver’s license.
  • Verification of the user with a selfie.

Motorcycle rental:

  • Verification of the driver’s identity document.
  • Verification of driver’s license.

Scooter rental; in order to increase the control and thus the safety of the users, it will soon be required:

  • Verification of the user’s identity card.

In addition, our solutions comply with the strictest regulations in each country (RGPD, CCPA, SEPBLAC, CNBV), and our document verification engine is able to analyze security measures in more than 400 documents.

The result: more than 2,500 validations per day

Cabify relies on our Digital Onboarding from the end of January 2021.

  • Increase in volume: they have seen validations increased from 500 validations to 2,500 validations per day, multiplying their process volume by 7 by relying on Veridas’ solution also for Motorcycle rentals.
  • Operate globally: Its services are now available in more than 40 cities in Spain and Latin America.
  • Security and user experience: Cabify verifies the identity of its drivers in less than 1 minute with maximum safety and the best user experience while complying with all current regulations in the place where they operate.

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