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/Veridas and BBVA, recognized by The Banker for the use of voice biometrics in Mexico

Señor mayor usando la biometría de voz en México - Veridas
Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The prestigious magazine The Banker, owned by the Financial Times, has awarded the ‘Fintech Partnership’ prize at the Innovation in Digital Banking Awards to the alliance between Veridas and BBVA for using biometric technology to digitize a procedure that until now could only be carried out in person.

This innovative solution, a world leader, is making it possible for more than 100,000 Mexican pensioners to improve their quality of life by not having to travel twice a year to provide proof of life and thus collect their pensions. Thanks to Veridas technology, they can now verify their identity with just their voice, with a simple phone call, in just a few seconds, without having to leave their home and with a high level of security.

[DOWNLOAD BBVA MEXICO FULL REPORT]:  The voice biometric authentication case implemented by BBVA Mexico with  Veridas' solutions.

Voice biometrics, the easiest way to authenticate your customers

Veridas’ solution allows you to verify a person’s identity by voice with a single call, anytime, anywhere, in any language, and just 3 seconds. In addition, it avoids possible fraud cases since the Veridas voice recognition system has an anti-spoofing system that detects pre-recorded voices and warns of potential identity theft.

Juan Francisco Losa, Global Head of Security Architecture at BBVA, points out: “Working with Veridas, BBVA Mexico managed to turn 100 percent of the life certification process into a secure online procedure. Pensioners are an especially sensitive group, particularly in times of pandemic, when they needed ways to avoid having to travel to a branch to continue collecting their pensions. Since its launch in mid-2021, more than 100,000 customers have used our new system, with a very high rate of satisfaction”.

Miguel Zarraluqui, Global Product Marketing Manager at Veridas, emphasizes: “We work with more than 150 customers internationally, striving for a world in which keys or passwords are no longer needed to verify our identity; biometrics offers a better, more convenient and secure future”.

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Innovation in Digital Banking Awards, the benchmark awards in the financial sector

The Innovation in Digital Banking Awards recognizes the most innovative companies worldwide for their digital banking initiatives in multiple categories.

The jury, composed of an external panel, looks for digital initiatives demonstrating innovation, utility, and transformation. The Banker reviews entries from organizations worldwide, regardless of size; the focus is on the effectiveness and innovation of the project.

The project awarded by The Banker as the best collaboration between a bank and a fintech has received high praise from the jury: “WOW!”, “Laudable application at the time of COVID emergency”, “Very useful application in pension/benefits disbursement solutioning globally”.

Veridas Voice Shield Datasheet

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