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/Veridas voice biometrics, awarded at the Platinum Contact Center Awards 2022

La biometría de voz de Veridas, premiada en los Platinum Contact Center Awards 2022
Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Veridas has won the Best IT Project in Customer Engagement award at the Platinum Contact Center Awards for its joint project with BBVA Mexico: a biometric solution that allows Mexican pensioners to verify their identity using only their voice. An unprecedented event that has completely digitized a procedure that, until now, had to be carried out in person at the bank’s branches twice a year. This represents an excellent example of how applying the best technology can reduce the digital divide, especially for the elderly, and significantly improve their daily lives. 

To date, thanks to BBVA and Veridas, nearly 100,000 Mexican pensioners have provided proof of life by making a simple phone call. The system recognises them with just 3 seconds of speech regardless of what they say or the language they use. This simple process allows them to receive their pension fee, avoiding long trips, polluting the environment and exposing their health. 

Belén Aliño, Business Development Manager at Veridas, and Miguel Villaumbrales, Global Head of Digital Identity at BBVA, accepted the award. Villaumbrales pointed out that this innovation also helps to reduce the digital divide: “Older people accept biometrics when a problem is solved for them, and we have achieved this thanks to Veridas technology”. For her part, Belén Aliño stated that “we dream of a world in which no credentials, keys or passwords are needed to exercise our identity in both the physical and digital world; cases like this one with BBVA perfectly reflect that we can build a better, more comfortable and secure future for everyone”.

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Biometrics improves the lives of BBVA customers

BBVA aims to make the opportunities of this new era available to everyone, and the collaboration with Veridas is an excellent example of this. This technology focuses on customers’ real needs and aims to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable society.

BBVA and Veridas have been deploying use cases with facial biometrics, voice biometrics, and document verification in more than 25 countries worldwide since 2017, with use cases ranging from digital customer registration to identity verification or fraud prevention, among others. A successful relationship based on the technological excellence of Veridas and the digital leadership of BBVA.

Platinum Contact Center Awards, 13 years of rewarding customer service

The Platinum Contact Center Awards were created 13 years ago by Contact Center Hub, a benchmark platform in the customer service and customer experience sector. They have established themselves as independent and prestigious awards that recognize, through a jury of experts, the good work of customer service in the Spanish industry.

The awards have rewarded quality customer experience and technological innovation. The gala was held at the Teatro Goya in Madrid and, as the organizers point out, served to “thank those who, with their daily work, contribute professionalism and become the spearhead of a sector in constant change”. 

The prize for Best IT Project in Customer Engagement awarded to Veridas is part of the Technological Innovation category. It aims to reward the implementation of new technologies that improve customer service management methods.

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