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/New Product Release: unmatched document coverage, over 7K government-issued IDs, and voice biometrics available for Genesys PureCloud

Miguel Zarraluqui

Miguel Zarraluqui

Head of Product Marketing

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest release, 2023.4, packed with exciting enhancements to our Identity Document Verification (IDV) and voice biometrics solutions.

Identity Verification Platform: extensive document coverage available with more than 7,000 identity document templates

Yes, you read that right. We have substantially increased our document coverage to include all IDs, driving licenses, and passports from all ICAO countries. This adds more than 7,000 new documents to our document coverage, allowing our customers to operate from anywhere in the world without any limitations.

Additionally, our ID Document Verification engine has undergone significant improvements. We have enhanced document reading capabilities for countries like France, Australia, and Bosnia, resulting in higher conversion rates. Our anti-spoofing measures have been strengthened, fortifying our defenses against photo replacement, print, and replay attacks. We have also made significant strides in document auto-classification, reducing errors by 40%.

Our PEPs, Sanctions & Adverse Media list service is now more adaptable to our customer’s specific needs. We added a new list filter to allow our customers to choose the list they want to consume while providing a fuzziness parameter that determines how closely the returned results must match the supplied name.

Voice Biometric Authentication: integrated into Genesys PureCloud

We are pleased to inform you that our Veridas Voice Biometric Authentication solution is now compatible with Genesys PureCloud. Our voice biometric engine can be used within Genesys Pureclould through Audiohook protocol, allowing the registration and authentication of end users through either IVR or during a live conversation with an agent.

Our voice biometrics solution for contact centers allows you to verify the identity of both callers and agents with just 3 seconds of voice, regardless of language and text. 

Face Deduplication Solution: Achieved #2 position worldwide (NIST)

Our face biometric engine has achieved remarkable results in the most recent NIST FRVT 1:N evaluation. With an improved identification performance, we have achieved a 0.42% False Negative Identification Rate for a gallery of 640,000 identities. Our performance over galleries of 12M identities has led us to occupy the second-best position globally. This boost in performance reinforces our commitment to delivering elite face recognition capabilities.

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