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The first bank in Spain to offer a 100% digital customer registration system

BBVA became in 2017 the first bank in Spain to offer 100% online customer registration. How did it do it? Thanks to digital identity verification technology developed by Veridas. 

Since then, half a million people have become BBVA customers thanks to digital onboarding.

The challenge

The banking sector has taken the lead in recent years in terms of digital transformation. A few years ago, it was essential to go to a bank branch to carry out almost any type of transaction.

In an increasingly virtual world, BBVA needed to reach the public quickly, accessible and secure way. 

The new generations demand digital services, on many occasions, as the only way to communicate with companies. However, it is vitally important to ensure that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are in the financial sector. 

How do you maintain security without compromising the user experience?

The solution: Veridas

Veridas’ onboarding solution makes it possible to verify a person’s real identity in less than a minute. To do so, users only need to follow these simple steps:

1. ID document scanning. Our document verification technology can analyze the security measures of more than 400 documents worldwide and determine whether it is a valid or fraudulent document. 

2. Selfie. To corroborate the person’s identity, we compare the photo on the ID document with the selfie taken during the process. Our facial biometrics engine determines if it is the same person. 

3. Video. To comply with the regulations of the Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering (SEPBLAC), the user must record a video of just a few seconds where they show their document again and indicates their name and surname.

The results

Veridas has established itself in a short time as a first-rate technology provider in biometric recognition. Thanks to this alliance, BBVA was the first institution in Spain to allow an account to be opened in a completely digital way.

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