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/Global Finance awards Veridas as the most innovative company in Latin America

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Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Global Finance magazine, which specializes in financial markets and investment banking, has recognized Veridas in its Innovators 2022 Awards for its innovative contribution to the financial sector.

Veridas has been awarded, on the one hand, in the category of outstanding innovations in fraud detection thanks to its voice biometrics tool to perform the proof of life of pensioners in Mexico for BBVA. On the other hand, it was named the most innovative technology company in the Latin American region.

Veridas’ project in Mexico has achieved a new, more secure and inclusive digital banking: more than 80,000 pensioners no longer need to travel twice a year to their bank branch because, thanks to Veridas and BBVA’s voice biometrics, they can now provide proof of life over the phone in just 3 seconds.

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Regarding the recognition of Veridas as the most innovative technology company in Latin America, Mauricio Guijarro, Vice President of Sales for the Americas at Veridas, explains that “these awards from Global Finance come to recognize the intense work we have been doing for years in the region, where major banks already rely on our biometric technology”.

Miguel Zarraluqui, Global Product Marketing Manager of the company, affirms that “it is a commitment of all of us to close, with the best technology, the digital gap that our elderly people suffer so many times; changing the lives of thousands of Mexican pensioners with our voice biometrics fills us with pride and this recognition from Global Finance is a great satisfaction”.

Veridas works with more than 120 clients worldwide, where it has already performed more than 60 million identity validations. In addition, its commitment to quality, regulation, and compliance is paramount: it is recognized by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as one of the best face and voice biometric technologies in the world; it has recently obtained the ISO 30107-3 compliance report after passing the Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) level 2 test conducted by iBeta Quality Assurance, consolidating its leadership as a technology capable of fighting identity fraud and, among other milestones, hand in hand with BBVA, is one of the few technology companies that has managed to integrate its facial biometrics engine in the central Mexican public institution, the National Electoral Institute (INE), responsible for issuing the credentials used by Mexican citizens to prove their identity in electoral processes or when opening bank accounts.

Global Finance magazine has chosen the most outstanding innovations in finance in multiple categories as part of its annual innovation awards. This is the tenth edition of the awards that recognize banks, companies, and fintechs that identify new paths and design new tools in finance.

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