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The world is ever more digital and users are demanding omnichannel communication with companies. 

Digitize your processes and convert more users. 

Reduce operational costs

Traditional identification processes are time-consuming and cost expensive for your business. 

Digital Onboarding will save you time and money while increasing security. 

Combat fraud and increase security

Online identity fraud has dramatically increased in the last years. 

Veridas provides confidence to both users and organizations guaranteeing the identity of people behind the screens. 

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Combine our APIs to build your own customer journey and open the door to multiple use cases

Integrable in 2 hours on any web page (mobile or desktop) and fully configurable

Modular Onboarding

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Our modular and proprietary technology will allow you to build multiple use cases once customers are on board!

Identity Document and Face Verification for Telcos. Verify the identity of your users with document verification and facial biometrics.

Build your own customer journey combining

Document Validation

Automatic capture SDK for document verification


OCR Extraction

Extracts all the characters present in both the obverse and reverse of any identity document.

Document verification

Validates the authenticity of over 400 ID documents to provide.

See full ID coverage

Reads automatically the NFC chip data from an ePassport (ICAO) and national IDs.

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Compares the image printed in the ID to the selfie taken during the process and gives a similarity score to determine whether it is the same person.

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Active liveness detection procedure based on a challenge-response method. The user is asked to smile and the photo is captured automatically.

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Active liveness detection procedure based on a challenge-response method. The user is asked to capture a selfie photograph and to record a small video of his face performing a few random head movements.

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Captures a simultaneous video of the user’s face and his/her identity document. This process complies with the requirement of SEPBLAC in Spain and the CNBV in Mexico.

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Plug&Play Onboarding

Xpress ID allows you to verify identities at the speed your business needs.

This Plug&Play system is fully configurable and can be integrated in 2 hours on any web page (mobile or desktop).


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