Identity Verification for Telecom & Utilities. Verify the identity of your customers remotely and instantly with face and voice recognition software.

Voice Recognition for Telcos & Utilities

Voice recognition software for contact centers, authentication via telephone call or app and voice activated devices.
  • Contact centers: Automatic recognition when calling or called by contact centers. Users can be identified within the first 5 seconds of their call, reducing time-wasting traditional identification process, improving security towards impersonation attacks and overall giving a smoother and better user experience
  • Authentication: Users can verify their identity using their voice for several transactions with their phones.
  • Voice activated devices: Identification of individuals within a family or group to customize the experience of smart home voice activated devices

Identity Document and Face Verification for Telcos

  • Onboarding: Allows for a secure and trustworthy digital identity verification for both new and existing customers
  • SIM card purchase: Allows users to remotely purchase and activate a SIM card reducing time, costs and increasing user conversion rates.
  • Biometric Log-in: Users can access their personal information on the company’s app by taking a selfie, no need for endless passwords nor multiple text messages.
  • Switching provider
Identity Document and Face Verification for Telcos. Verify the identity of your users with document verification and facial biometrics.

Some of of the Telcos that have put their trust in Veridas are: