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/A safe bet: Veridas talks to EGR about identity verification in iGaming

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The convenience, variety, innovation, and accessibility of iGaming are just some of the elements that make the industry the exciting, attractive business it is today for companies and punters alike.

While gaming provides a fun and easy way to unwind or be entertained, behind the scenes there are plenty of hurdles to clear in security, identity verification, onboarding, and user experience.

Daniele Alfonso, Director of Business Development at Veridas is the ideal person to share solutions for these challenges, with more than 15 years’ experience helping operators navigate fraud while keeping players’ journeys frictionless.

In a recent, in-depth interview with EGR, Daniele covers some of the following key issues and compelling strategies to resolve them. Here are the highlights from the full article.

Age and identity verification

The ability to verify a person’s identity, validate it and ensure they are age-appropriate for their transaction is vital to safe processes. Veridas technology can help operators quickly verify documents, compare them to facial biometrics, as well as use the proprietary voice biometrics to authorise deposits by detecting unique vocal cords as the customer speaks. Veridas doesn’t just align gaming onboarding and verify KYC online, but assists in age verification in physical casinos and betting shops to make sure no minors are able to play.

Maintaining safety and security

AI offers incredible opportunities to developers but players and users are also able to make use of the tech. This has created a big issue for many iGaming providers in the user authentication landscape. Daniele covers how to manage unwanted access and attempts of fraud with Veridas solutions, including the proprietary Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) tech to identify and stop 14 types of Presentation Attacks (PA), Liveness Detection that ensures automatic rejection of fraudulent attempts as well as passive liveness checks, which most ID companies do not offer.

Seamless onboarding and user experience

Frictionless onboarding for users is key to businesses success. The more complicated the verification process, the more likely players will be to drop off before getting to the first pay. Veridas provides a 20 second, complete ID verification which is fully automated with AI, removing any human error. This speed helps customers place deposits and bets faster which makes for greater conversion rates without compromising on safety.

Patents, compliance, and data protection

Veridas works with some of the world’s most heavily regulated industries and so the technology created and used is reviewed, approved and certified to the highest standards available. With 24 trademarks and patents, Veridas is backed by the BBVA, and its experience with global banking groups means that compliance to the most stringent regulatory requirements is a staple. As a result, everything built is data protection compliant to mitigate risk and keep all processes transparent.

To uncover more insights from this fascinating conversation, read the full article by EGR here:

Read full article by EGR

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