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/Three reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on us at Money20/20

Mariona Campmany

Mariona Campmany

Chief Marketing Officer

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Money20/20, the premier event in the fintech industry, is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! From June 6th to 8th in Amsterdam will come alive with industry leaders and innovators converging to discuss and shape the future of fintech. Veridas, a leading participant, is thrilled to announce our presence at Booth D70, where we eagerly await the arrival of visitors to explore our cutting-edge suite of biometric technologies. As we continue to revolutionize how companies and consumers interact, we invite you to join us and discover the transformative power of biometrics. If you’re lucky enough to attend this remarkable event, here are three compelling reasons why you simply can’t afford to miss us.

Reason 1: Be prepared for the ultimate challenge of the decade: the convergence of the physical and digital worlds

According to a recent report by global professional services company Accenture, the merging of digital and physical worlds is swiftly emerging as this decade’s most consequential technology challenge.

The fintech industry has always been a trailblazer regarding digital transformation and innovation. However, we now find ourselves in a new era where the challenge lies in seamlessly bridging these two worlds without compromising the user experience.

Veridas offers biometric verification solutions that transcend both digital and physical channels, enabling businesses to navigate this convergence. With a proven track record of verifying over 100 million identities, Veridas ensures trusted and secure solutions. With Veridas, businesses can confidently embrace the convergence of physical and digital realms, knowing they have a trusted partner.

Talk to us and learn how our cutting-edge solutions can help you unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing fintech landscape.

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Reason 2: How to maintain conversion rates while upholding compliance and security

As biometrics gain popularity, businesses face the challenge of balancing friction, security, and privacy. In the fintech industry, maintaining high conversion rates while meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring security is essential. 

At Veridas, we provide robust anti-fraud measures across all three pillars: document verification, facial biometrics, and voice biometrics. Our solutions are built to meet the highest standards and ensure the trust of our users and customers. We comply with national and international regulations, such as the CCPA, UK Trust Framework, and GDPR, prioritizing privacy by default.

Our technologies and systems undergo rigorous certifications by accredited third parties to guarantee the utmost trust. These certifications validate our technologies’ accuracy and our systems’ security, assuring our clients that their data is managed safely and responsibly.

Engage with us to discover the successful implementation of our biometric technology in fintech applications. Join us in striking the perfect balance between compliance, security, and seamless user experiences.

Reason 3: Experience the future of fintech with live demonstrations and interactive sessions

Just in case we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s the ultimate reason to secure your spot at our booth. At Veridas’ demo booth, located at D70, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a range of cutting-edge biometric solutions. Our showcase includes live demonstrations of our advanced technologies, allowing you to experience firsthand how biometrics can revolutionize the fintech industry. 

In addition to the interactive booth experience, Veridas has prepared an engaging program of conferences that you won’t want to miss. These sessions will delve into the strategic importance of biometric identity verification and its impact on business and security. We are honored to have esteemed speakers from Veridas and BBVA, including Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas, and Miguel Villaumbrales, Global Head of Digital Identity at BBVA. They will share their expertise and discuss topics such as improving the lives of elders through voice biometrics and the whole identity system a global company like BBVA has deployed thanks to our technologies. 

On another note, Luis Arregui, Marketing Director at Osasuna and Marta Morrás, Identity Lead at Veridas, will explain how facial recognition is transforming the fan experience in the world of football.

But that’s not all! As a special treat, all individuals who try the Veridas Digital Bank experience at our booth will automatically be entered into raffles to win incredible prizes. 

Join us at Money20/20 to explore the possibilities of biometrics, engage with industry leaders, and discover how Veridas can help you unlock the full potential of secure and seamless identity verification. We look forward to welcoming you to Booth D70 and sharing our passion for biometric innovation.

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