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BBVA Italy: First 100% digital bank

BBVA Italia was born as a 100% digital bank committed to innovation and the digital transformation of banking in Europe. To make this possible, it was essential to have all the security guarantees present in traditional banking. How can you offer the same services without interacting with your customers in person?

Download this case study and discover how Veridas digital onboarding has made all this possible.


5 benefits that biometrics bring to the Financial Sector

For some time now, many companies have been using it to improve the experience and security of their users, but there are still many who are unaware of this technology and all the possibilities it brings with it.

What are the main advantages of biometrics for the financial sector?

Find out in this short eBook!


Digital Onboarding Buyer's Guide

Make a better buying decision with the help of our Guide and Comparison Tool
In this Buyer’s Guide, we want to help all those companies and institutions that want to improve and digitize their customer and user registration process.

By providing them with all the elements that, in our opinion, are key and should be considered to evaluate a Digital Onboarding technology, they will be able to make the best possible purchasing decision.

Download this free buyer’s guide + comparison tool and be sure to make the best decision when deciding for a digital onboarding provider.’

1. Buyer's Guide

2. Comparison tool


BBVA Mexico: Improving the lives of pensioners

BBVA Mexico has become the first bank in the country to implement a new use case that allows senior citizens to provide proof of life with a simple phone call. This innovative service has already enabled more than 100,000 Mexican citizens to carry out this process without having to leave their homes and with a high level of security.

Download this case study and discover how Veridas’ technological solutions enabled BBVA Mexico to achieve conversion rates of over 99% in the registration and authentication processes.

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