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Veridas Drives Biometric Inclusivity Mission by Joining OIX Community

Veridas looks to play a key role in developing biometric adoption

Veridas, a leading global provider of AI-driven identity verification solutions, is pleased to announce it has joined Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a global community driving positive and inclusive developments for trusted digital identities. 

Veridas Digital Identity Verification and Biometrics Authentication solutions provide both facial and voice verification and authentication, utilising the natural, inclusive features of all users. 

Serving organisations across 25 countries, Veridas is solving one of the most urgent security issues their customers worldwide have today – simplifying access for legitimate users while blocking digital attacks and physical breaches. 

Veridas was recently ranked as one of the top four best biometrics providers in the world, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Its technology uniquely addresses an ever-apparent privacy issue, ensuring its customers are consistently compliant with emerging data privacy laws. As such, Veridas is the partner of choice for many banks, retailers, contact centres and government agencies in the most rigorous of environments, including the EU and the US.

Growing rapidly as an organisation, Veridas envisions a future without passwords, where everyone can privately, securely and voluntarily use their identities in both digital and physical environments. By joining the OIX community, Veridas can contribute to and collaborate with OIX’s global networks to exchange knowledge, share best practices and engage in joint projects. This strategic alignment further positions Veridas as a trusted provider of biometric identity verification.

“The world needs identity technology that allows consumers and citizens to move through their digital and physical worlds without friction or fear. For this to be possible, we must foster community innovation and contribute to the goal of a holistically adopted secure and reliable identity verification solution,” said Eduardo Azanza, CEO, Veridas. 

“OIX brings together key stakeholders to collaborate and solve common challenges in the identity space. This is a powerful space where we will form strategic alliances, as well as share our knowledge, best practices, and insights with other OIX community members. Our contribution can help enhance the collective understanding of community identity verification challenges and solutions, while our learnings will help lead our expansion into new markets and industries.”

“We are delighted that Veridas has joined the OIX community,” said Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, OIX. “Our members come together from many business sectors across the globe to collaborate, address common challenges and learn from each other. We are pleased to be welcoming yet another leader in its field to help us drive positive developments in digital ID, as well as support expansion into new markets.”

To help support the understanding and adoption of digital ID by organisations that will come to rely on it, the OIX is holding its #IdentityTrust2023 Conference on Thursday 28th September 2023 in the South Bank wing (3rd floor) of London’s iconic County Hall, which served as the headquarters of local government for London for 64 years until the late 1980’s. 

To attend, please register here.

The OIX is a non-profit trade organisation on a mission to create a world where everyone can prove their identity and eligibility anywhere through a universally trusted ID. OIX is a community for all those involved in the ID sector to connect and collaborate, developing the guidance needed for inter-operable, trusted identities. Through our definition of and education on Trust Frameworks, we create the rules, tools and confidence that will allow every individual a trusted, universally accepted identity.

Veridas is a technology company that was founded in 2017 as a joint venture with BBVA. Since then, it has become a leading global player in the identity industry, serving over 250 clients across 25 countries in sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, and public administrations. Veridas’ success is built on its commitment to technology, talent, and hard work, and its mission is to enable secure and reliable identity verification and authentication through its cutting-edge biometric solutions.

Veridas focuses on what it calls “Phygital” identity, combining physical and digital identity verification for a seamless user experience. Its modular solutions, which include its own facial biometrics, voice biometrics, and identity document verification technologies, can be tailored to any scenario.

Veridas was born with the purpose of guaranteeing people’s right to use their real identities in the digital and physical world. Its vision is a future that is passwordless and keyless, where people are recognized privately, securely, and voluntarily for who they are.

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