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Veridas strengthens its team by appointing a new Core Technologies Director and creating a Business Intelligence & Innovation department

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Veridas remains firm in its commitment to continue being one of the leaders in identity and biometrics by appointing Javier San Agustín as the new Core Technologies Director and creating a Business Intelligence and Innovation department led by his predecessor, Mikel Sánchez.

Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas, commented on the new hire that “Javier brings a huge experience in cutting-edge technology after his tenure in the VR department of Facebook, but he is also very close to the market and customer needs after having founded his own company.”

Eduardo also added, concerning the new BI & Innovation department, that “Mikel’s appointment will help to consolidate and further expand Veridas growth globally by setting up the best business intelligence practices, coordinating our regional teams, and getting the voice of the customer”

As well as business volume, which has increased by more than 2.5 times compared to 2021, the increase in the number of employees has been remarkable in the last year, at all levels and in all areas. As Muskilda Pascualena, Director of Talent and Culture of the company, summarizes, “Veridas is completing a year of overall growth at the business level, and so are its technical and management teams. Staff growth will be critical in the coming months and years, and we must be up to the challenge.”

A new Core Technologies director with international experience and an entrepreneurial mindset

It is no secret that Veridas is a company with a powerful entrepreneurial mindset. And this mentality can be seen in its entire workforce and how they face everyday challenges and tasks.

In this sense, the appointment of Javier San Agustín fits perfectly with the company’s culture. With more than a decade of international work experience in technology, Javier holds a Ph.D. from the IT University of Copenhagen. Among his experiences, he co-founded his own company in 2011, The Eye Tribe, which commercialized Eye Tracking solutions. Such was the success of this business venture that Facebook acquired The Eye Tribe in 2016.

From that moment on, Javier worked as an Engineering Manager at Facebook (Meta), where he performed a critical job leading and supporting a team that develops and productizes Eye Tracking solutions for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 

“Joining the Veridas project is an inspiring challenge as it means becoming part of a very talented team, which has created state-of-the-art solutions worldwide and is looking to continue leading the biometrics and identity industry in the coming decades.” Javier himself commented on his recent incorporation. 

Imagen del nuevo director de Core Technologies de Veridas, Javier San Agustin, y del director del nuevo área de Business Intelligence & Innovation, Mikel Sanchez

Mikel Sánchez, on the left, director of the new BI and Innovation department. On the right, Javier San Agustín, new Core Technologies Director. 

A new Business Intelligence & Innovation department: the key to facing the years to come

Another significant change in the structure of Veridas has been the creation of the Business Intelligence and Innovation department, led by the former director of Core Technologies, Mikel Sanchez.

Mikel’s invaluable experience, after leading the technology department since the founding of Veridas, will be critical in this new function that will help define and implement the company’s processes to facilitate growth. 

The new department will also implement Business Intelligence systems, data analytics, and information interpretation, helping customers to make better decisions.

As Mikel says, “the challenges faced by the new Business Intelligence and Innovation department are vital for the organization and will be a key element in the company’s growth.” And it is that adding to those mentioned above, the area led by Mikel “will also be involved in managing innovation and intellectual property and participating in international policy-making forums and certifications.”

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