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/Veridas Launches Nexus, the First Identity Wallet for the Physical and Digital World

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

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  • Veridas Nexus is the first operational wallet in Spain, with two development projects in Public Administration.


Veridas, the Spanish technology company specializing in digital identity and biometrics, today announces the launch of Veridas Nexus, the first identity wallet set to transform how individuals and organizations interact within digital and physical spaces. This wallet addresses one of the key questions of our time: the need to unify identification systems across physical and digital settings to streamline and enhance user experience. Organizations today face a critical challenge in managing identities, stemming from the vast ecosystem of digital services and the proliferation of authentication methods users need to navigate to access them. Against this backdrop, Veridas is revolutionizing identity management by offering a wallet solution centered around people’s real identities, adhering strictly to the non-negotiable principles of universal accessibility and application in both digital and physical settings.

What is an Identity Wallet?

An identity digital wallet is a portable credential repository that works in any digital and physical environment. It can be reused across various services while remaining sovereign, giving data control back to the user. In the physical world, a wallet serves as a symbol of accreditation. It holds various credentials that enable us to access different services like credit cards, transport tickets, sports club memberships, or work accreditations, all linked to our real identity, which is proven with official documents or identity credentials in the physical world.

Veridas Nexus offers a parallel solution based on the online verification of a person’s identity. During this process, the authenticity of the document or identity credential is confirmed and linked to the user through a selfie.

This verification, required only once, marks the beginning of a genuinely transformative experience. With their real identity confirmed, users can accumulate digital credentials in their wallet, allowing for swift and comfortable access to various services. For example, accessing corporate or governmental websites would not need a username and password; instead, access could be granted directly through a selfie. Similarly, in physical spaces, entry to facilities or services such as public transport could be granted through facial recognition, eliminating the need to carry physical credentials.

First Operational Wallet in Spain

Veridas Nexus will be the first operational digital identity wallet in Spain, leading two projects in the Public Administration sector. Both aim to simplify how citizens interact with the administration, contributing to a secure and effective digital transformation.

In both initiatives, Nexus will enable access to various digital services of the administration for all citizens. Accessibility has always been a non-negotiable premise for Veridas in its wallet design, which will help narrow the digital divide in ways previously unachieved. The interface design has been developed in collaboration with different sociodemographic groups to meet all types of needs, making the latest technology as accessible as possible to every citizen. Additionally, it considers authorized credential delegation, allowing legally authorized individuals to carry out procedures on behalf of others in cases of illness, old age, or disabilities.

Veridas Nexus also scrupulously complies with the European regulatory framework for data protection (GDPR) and the recent agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Regulation (AIR), as it is based on users’ explicit consent to share their data in specific cases and grants them total control over it. It also falls within the eIDAS 2 regulation, which is expected to come into effect throughout this year according to the roadmap set out by the Member States.

With the launch of Veridas Nexus, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era in identity management characterized by security, convenience, and interoperability. Veridas Nexus is not just a product; it is the future of how we interact with the world around us.

What are the benefits of using Veridas Nexus?

This identity wallet not only simplifies the accreditation process, but also introduces an unprecedented level of security and convenience. With ‘Veridas Nexus’, organizations can improve the quality of their relationships with users, reducing costs and enhancing current processes.

The benefits of adopting Veridas Nexus include:

  1. Improvement in user-entity relationships: Veridas Nexus brings organizations closer to their users, providing a secure and convenient way to carry their identity and optimizing access to various services and products.
  2. New business opportunities: By facilitating user interaction and reaching a wider and more integrated audience, Veridas Nexus opens up new business possibilities, from creating digital communities to capitalizing on new assets.
  3. Sovereignty over personal data: Veridas Nexus empowers users to control how and when their data is accessed, ensuring privacy and security.
  4. Universal accessibility: Designed for anyone, regardless of technological knowledge, Veridas Nexus ensures identity management is straightforward and accessible for everyone.


“At Veridas, we believe that identity management should be secure, simple, and accessible for everyone. Veridas Nexus represents a technological breakthrough and a step towards a future where interactions between the physical and digital worlds are seamless and frictionless,” says Eduardo Azanza, CEO, Veridas. “This wallet marks the beginning of an era where a single verified identity opens endless possibilities, giving users total control over their data and enabling organizations to create new, trust-based businesses. Veridas Nexus is our vision for a future where security, efficiency, and sovereignty over one’s identity transforms our interactions, setting new, accessible standards for everyone.”


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