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/Veritran and Veridas signed an alliance to lead digital security and fraud prevention in Europe and Latam

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Veritran, a leading company in Low-Code development, and Veridas, a leading Spanish company developing biometric software, have signed a technological collaboration alliance. This agreement aims to lead digital security in banking ecosystems, virtual payments, digital client registrations in companies, and public administrations in the European market.

«For Veridas, it is a great opportunity to have the experience and technological potential of Veritran to consolidate the leadership in the field of verification of people’s identity and authentication in digital payment processes in the European market,” says Ignacio del Castillo, Strategic Alliances Director at Veridas.

Ignacio del Castillo - Veridas Partnership Leader

We are thrilled to add Veridas to our partner ecosystem. From Veritran, we believe that this collaboration agreement is of utmost importance since it allows us to integrate Veridas’ technology for digital identity verification into our security suite”, says Omar Arab, Director of Alliances at Veritran.

Both companies are leaders in their respective technology markets. Veritran is a global company that accelerates and simplifies the development of digital solutions through its Enterprise Low-Code Platform, which streamlines the process of developing digital solutions. Veritran’s purpose is to drive digital transformation by integrating new technologies into corporate legacy systems to improve implementation times and development costs.

And to expand its business in Europe, it has chosen to add the solutions of Veridas, the world’s leading Spanish company that develops biometric software whose purpose is to verify people’s identity through their voice, face, and official documents. With more than 50 million identity verifications worldwide in just four years, Veridas has accumulated the experience of working for brands such as BBVA, Deutsche Telekom, Bankia, Prosegur, Catalana Occidente, or Ventocom, among others.

Veridas’ leadership in the biometric sector is based on its efficiency and speed in verifying people’s identity. A clear example is its voice solution evaluated by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Its customers verify the identity of their users with just 3 seconds of voice, with an accuracy greater than 99.9%, and detection of pre-recorded voices. This means that companies prevent fraud, increase security, optimize costs in customer registration and verification processes and improve the user experience.

About Veritran

Veritran is a global company that accelerates and simplifies the development of digital solutions through its Enterprise Low-Code Platform.

In order to drive digital transformation, the company integrates new technologies into legacy systems to improve implementation times and development costs without the need to write a single line of code.

The Veritran platform is used by more than 50 clients worldwide, reaching 25 million users who securely execute 25 billion transactions annually.

About Veridas

Veridas is a leading global company specialized in developing digital identity verification technologies through facial and voice recognition. Founded in 2017 as a joint venture between BBVA and das-Nano, it has a team of more than 130 people, primarily Spanish engineers. Veridas produces technology worldwide for more than 50 clients, supporting use cases in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Shared Economics, Electronic Commerce, Gaming, Government, Tourism, Insurance, Mobility, etc.

Veridas internally develops 100% of the biometric software to verify people’s real identity, with a safe and respectful design with the protection of user data. The security and precision of all technology, both facial recognition, voice recognition, and document verification, allow us to provide certainty digitizing companies, administrations, and people’s daily lives. Therefore, in addition to complying with regulations (such as the RGPD and LOPD), the software is subject to the evaluation requirements of independent organizations such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the USA or ISO 30.107 iBeta Level 1 PAD, among other.

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