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Sabrina Gross

Sabrina Gross

UK & Ireland Regional Director of Strategic Partners

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The Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) is a groundbreaking initiative driven by the UK government to digitise identity verification – and for good reason.

Hiring people and acquiring tenants used to be a little risky, as documents were easily forged, errors crept in through manual systems and the entire undertaking took a long time and cost a lot of money. Now thanks to the DIATF, employers and landlords can use IDsp’s to ensure the people they are hiring or housing are who they say they are.

However, to make sure the chosen IDsp is capable and reliable itself of doing this work, it must be certified by the government to do so, after proving its ability through rigorous audits.  

Veridas is proud to be an early government certified partner (from December 2022) and one of the first to be certified in the UK as well as the USA. The certification means that Veridas’ governance, systems and policies meet the trust standards set by the government to deliver a safe and seamless, reliable service for all.

There are many benefits to digital identity verification for all parties – employers and employees, landlords and tenants as well as for stakeholders across many other industries.

The time involved in authenticating a person is cut down dramatically, allowing humans to do their jobs, the cost of carrying out the check manually is reduced and the information gathered is guaranteed to be correct and validated. This takes considerable stress off of business owners (previously it would have been their responsibility to detect fraud)  and delivers a more convenient process for employees and tenants.


If you are ready to partner with one of the UK’s few government-certified IDsp’s and gain the confidence of security, speed and cost efficiency in your RTW and rent checks, please reach out to one of our experts for a demo that suits you and your business specifically.

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