Voice Biometric Authentication on Twilio

Your voice: your password... just speak!

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Our customers' experience

No other solution in the market provided us with the same quality of UX, thanks to the minimal time required for registration and verification while guaranteeing such a high level of accuracy, with minimal error rates.

Bernhard Hochstätter,
Executive Product Manager at Deutsche Telekom

In addition to cost savings and improved security, the technological capabilities brought to us by Veridas allow us to enable new businesses that were unthinkable four years ago.

Juan Francisco Losa,
Chief Technology Security Officer at BBVA

Security and user experience at last hand in hand

  • 3 seconds. With us that’s how long it will take you to verify yourself
  • In any language
  • Text independent
  • Our leading voice biometric technology is evaluated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Fraud protection with our prerecorded voice detection system

Reduce back-office costs

The average time spent on authentication in contact centers is 30 to 45 seconds.
Thanks to voice biometrics, you will be able to authenticate with only 3 seconds of voice, drastically reducing the average handling time (AHT) per call.

Why voice biometrics?


Integrate our software into any communication channel and allow your customers to authenticate themselves naturally, without passwords.

Our technology is already deployed in contact centers, chatbots, voicebots, messaging platforms and mobile applications.

Security and accuracy against fraud

Protect your company and your customers from fraudulent attacks:

Verification accuracy >99.5%.

Pre-recorded voice detection (replay attack) >98.5%.