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/Biometrics as a secure solution to double authentication problem’s

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The digitization of processes and procedures, and therefore of our lives, is advancing at a frenetic pace. This digitization is improving our daily lives and offers us accessibility to hundreds of actions that previously required our presence or we could not do them at all: making a transfer, paying for a purchase, applying for a loan, dealing with the administration, or activating an insurance policy, all from anywhere.

To provide greater security for all these processes and combat cyber-attacks, different authentication systems have been implemented that seek one thing: to ensure that the person on the other side of the screen or phone is who they say they are.


Double authentication systems do not achieve complete security, besides being enemies of the user experience..

Lately, we have been “suffering” from SMS (OTP/One Time Password) as a second authentication factor for anything, be it registering on a platform or making a transfer. But this system also fails to provide complete security, besides being slow, and we are much more exposed than we think to theft or usurpation of our identity.

We see it clearly in all the problems generated by the latest leak of Facebook user data (emails, passwords, phone numbers, locations, etc.) In this interesting article (in Spanish) by Javier Pastor in Xataka we can read the serious risks to which we are exposed simply by having to certify our digital identity: that I am me. Private data, bank robberies, loan applications, SIM swapping, etc. The article on the Facebook data breach does not address issues such as underage gambling or voting fraud, cases in which companies and institutions must protect veracity and security with greater robustness if possible.

Biometrics is the technology that allows us to verify that I am me, without depending on any external validation code or password.

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Biometrics Advantages

There are risks, yes, but the benefits of digitization in our daily lives are far greater. So how do we increase the security, simplicity, and speed of all these processes? With biometrics. And what is biometrics? Biometrics is the technology that allows us to verify that I am me, without relying on any external validation code or password. In this way, we can forget about our passwords because the password for any management is your face (facial biometrics) or your voice (voice biometrics). You are the only “tool” capable of validating a purchase or transaction.

At Veridas we are convinced that biometrics can protect our freedoms and provide us with greater security in our daily lives. Therefore, we develop different technological solutions, such as voice biometrics or face biometrics, to verify people’s digital identities in a simple, agile, secure, and private way. Passwords can be lost and usurped relatively easily. Our biometrics cannot be used by anyone other than you for other uses or in other systems. So don’t worry, if your biometrics are lost, no one can use them.

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