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/Verify every identity document in the US with AI-based algorithms

Multiple U.S. identity documents: passport, social security card and driver license
Michel Nerrant

Michel Nerrant

SVP North America

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In the United States, if you need to confirm an identity, and beyond the passport (it is estimated that only one third of U.S. citizens have a valid passport) there is no other single identity document for the entire country to do so. Instead, each State has different valid documents for identity proofing, from ID cards, driving licenses, or Military ID cards (mostly fed. issued).

That is why any ID verification solution provider needs to cover many different documents if it wants to be a valid provider for the U.S. market. In this sense, Veridas has global document coverage for more than 190 countries, with more than 100 documents explicitly included for the United States.

In short, there is no state in the U.S. that Veridas does not cover with its 100% proprietary identity document verification technology.

Fully automated, world-class document verification technology

One of the main recommendations Veridas highlighted in their Buyer’s Guide for Digital Onboarding was the need to trust providers with only fully automated solutions. As stated in the buyer’s guide:  “Prioritize manufacturers with fully automated solutions […] as they ensure greater accuracy and auditability, better data security protection, and reduced processing time, resulting in better conversion rates and increased security against fraud.”

And it is not only the full degree of automation that is the most outstanding feature of the Veridas solution, but it also has other attributes that make it genuinely cutting-edge: white-labeled SDKs for guided document capture in all platforms (web and native), automatic document auto-classification, ultra-fast NFC chip reading, multi-document verification processes, hyper-accurate data reading, etc.

All this, together with the impressive document coverage I mentioned earlier, makes Veridas one of the most robust solutions on the market, as Gartner recognized when naming Veridas as a key vendor in its latest Hype Cycle for Digital Identity. Specifically, Veridas was named among the top 10 solutions in two main categories: Third Party Biometrics and Document-Centric Identity Proofing.

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The best customer experience and the highest standards in fraud prevention.

At Veridas, we have an obsession. And this obsession is called a conversion funnel. That’s why our solutions aim to optimize the customer experience to generate seamless customer journeys from the end user’s point of view.

We achieve this through developing proprietary identity document capture and verification technology. This allows us to reduce waiting times to a minimum while providing real-time feedback to the end user of the process performed.

We are so convinced of this unique performance that we can guarantee you a conversion rate above 80% for your digital onboarding processes. Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your case. 

But not only do we guarantee you find the best customer experience, but we are also able to combine advanced document fraud detection capabilities. Veridas deploys more than 30 different artificial intelligence algorithms in each verification of an identity document, extracting all the information contained in the identity document and accurately validating its authenticity in just milliseconds. 

We can also contrast the information extracted from the identity document with third-party verification bodies to increase process security. For example, we orchestrate Comply Advantage’s screening services for Sanctions, Watchlists, PEPs, and Adverse Media, other data verification services (phone number, address, IBAN, etc.), or even government bodies such as the AAMVA in the U.S. or Renapo in Mexico. 

If you need to incorporate face biometrics and liveness detection capabilities into the equation, Veridas also has a face biometrics engine top-ranked by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, and we have passed the iBeta PAD Level 2 evaluation of ISO/IEC for our liveness detection technology.

Hundreds of clients in more than 25 different countries.

Veridas has experience in many sectors and geographies, operating in the identity sector since 2017. For example, we work with clients in the financial industry, such as Scotiabank or HSBC; in the telecommunications sector, such as Deutsche Telekom or Ventocom; in the gaming sector, such as Codere or Sportium, and a long etcetera.

In addition, as of this year, we have continued expanding our physical presence, and we have opened a subsidiary in the United States with a team of highly qualified professionals working in the region. With this opening, Veridas now has offices in Spain, Mexico, and the United States covering the territories of Europe, Latin America, and the US & Canada, respectively.

With our NIST top-ranked solutions, we provide digital onboarding experiences, combining fully automatized (no human in the loop) document verification, face biometrics, and liveness detection solutions. But onboarding is just the beginning; Veridas is also leading the customer authentication space, both physically and digitally, with face and voice biometrics

Our growth is unstoppable. Will you join the train?

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