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Enghouse Interactive and Veridas seal new alliance for strong authentication and omnichannel

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Enghouse Interactive, a leading global provider of contact center and video collaboration software, and Veridas, a world leader in the development of biometric solutions for digital identity verification, have signed a partnership agreement for the integration of their respective solutions to offer a robust and secure omnichannel authentication alternative to companies around the world in the Financial, Healthcare and Public Administration sectors, among others.

Thanks to the integration with Veridas, now Enghouse incorporates facial biometrics, voice, and document identification technologies in its Contact Center and Videoconferencing systems. Ensuring security to its customers in every digital transaction they make in a secure, transparent, and convenient way.

Positive impact on society, the economy, and the environment

The growing and accelerated need for remote transactions, avoiding travel and direct contact with people, has opened the opportunity to implement new and more secure methods of identity verification, such as biometric technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

Enghouse is aware that a username and password are no longer the most efficient security measure. Even two-factor authentication based on tokenized methods (e.g. OTPs) has proven to be unreliable methods of verifying the real identity of a person about to make a transaction. There are more and more cases of stolen login credentials and impersonation.

This is when we turn to biometric authentication systems that are more reliable, as they rely on biologically unique and inherent user data (voice, face) to verify identity, as opposed to methods based on knowledge factors (e.g. passwords) or possession factors (e.g. OTPs).

These are some of the main reasons why Enghouse has decided to integrate Veridas’ biometric authentication system into its Contact Center solution and Vidyo platform, which allows passively verifying the identity of customers while agents converse with them remotely, with as little as 3 seconds of audio and with an accuracy of over 99.9%. In addition, Veridas also has complementary technologies for facial biometrics and document verification, allowing the deployment of the most convenient solution for each moment and channel. A perfect combination to prevent impersonation.

Veridas has positioned itself as the world’s best multi-factor solution for face-to-face and voice identity verification. The biometric company is the only company in the world present at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the 1:1 and 1:N face-to-face categories, as well as 1:N voice and NIST face-to-speech. This is one of the main reasons why Enghouse has added this unique securitization layer to its solutions.

Eduardo Malpica, Sales Manager – Strategic Partnership at Enghouse explains the importance of this alliance, stating that “the agreement with Veridas is key to our strategy of enhancing the security aspects of our customer management and collaboration solutions in the cloud. Their leading technology in voice and facial biometrics allows us to offer the companies we serve globally a transparent way to eliminate fraud in all conversations with their customers.”

Carlos Odériz, Chief Revenue Officer of Veridas, believes that “this agreement with Enghouse allows us to continue projecting Veridas’ leadership and expertise in the financial, public administration or telecommunications sectors. We are the only company in the market able to offer an Identity Verification Platform thanks to our proprietary facial biometrics, voice biometrics, and document verification technologies. And Enghouse has believed in us to continue to be a leading provider of contact center and video collaboration software.”

High security and reliability in the contact center

The new biometric authentication tool can be easily integrated into any customer communication platform and allows:

  • Identify users within the first 3 seconds of a call.
  • Visualize the results immediately on the agent console.
  • Accept or reject the initiated transaction if the minimum requirements established by the entity are not met.
  • Reduce the average time of operation (TMO) by 30-40 seconds, since this is the average time spent on traditional identification processes.
  • Improve security against phishing attacks.
  • Deliver a smoother and more reliable user experience.
  • Bridging the digital divide with the elderly and underprivileged classes.

Some use cases

· Bank account opening. Enable customers to open accounts remotely in a matter of minutes, eliminating the costs associated with manual processing.

· Credit card processing. Eliminates credit card fraud. Verify customers’ identity documents and ensure the identity behind the cardholder.

· User authentication. Through easy or voice recognition you can authorize online transactions with a powerful anti-phishing and proof of life system.

· Document signature. Facial signature for filling out all types of electronic documents quickly and easily.

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