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Veridas, among the 40 most innovative companies in the hospitality sector

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Sergestur, a consulting firm specializing in management and repositioning of hospitality real estate assets, presents each year a list of the 40 most innovative Spanish technology companies in the hospitality sector in Spain. It is an independent, disruptive and differentiating publication in the hospitality sector. In this year’s edition, it includes Veridas as one of the benchmark companies.

Biometrics: a unique value proposition for the hospitality sector

Our identity platform for the physical and digital world allows us to offer a complete experience to the hospitality sector that includes: 

  • Digital check-in: thanks to our digital onboarding solution, guests can check-in online at any time and from anywhere. They simply scan an ID card with their cell phone and take a selfie. Our Artificial Intelligence engines analyze the evidence and determine that the document is valid and authentic, and that it corresponds to the person who has carried out the check-in process. 


  • Unassisted reception: Once guests arrive at the hotel, they can pick up their room key automatically and unattended from a biometric key dispenser. The system takes a photo of them and identifies if they are indeed hotel guests and have permission to collect the key. Thanks to this system, queues and waiting times at the front desk can be avoided, optimizing the time of both guests and employees. 


  • Biometric payment: Guests can also make use of biometrics to pay at hotel establishments, avoiding the circulation of cash and offering a much more convenient experience, especially in busy resorts. 


An exhaustive analysis to choose the winners

The company selection process went through several phases. The analysis was consulted and agreed upon by different professionals in the sector, including journalists including journalists, accommodation and catering managers, travel agency and wholesalers travel agencies and wholesalers, professors and consultants from different geographical areas of Spain. 

In addition, the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) has been instrumental in providing names of companies for nomination. The aim of these awards is to create a list of companies that are benchmarks in the technology and hospitality sector, for their innovation and contributions to the sector. 

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