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/New Product Release: portfolio-wide improvements in performance and accuracy

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Miguel Zarraluqui

Miguel Zarraluqui

Head of Product Marketing

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New Product Release: boosted accuracy and performance across the whole portfolio, resulting in higher conversion rates

Two months have passed since the beginning of 2023, and we are already introducing the new release, 2023.2. And we are doing so to announce substantial improvements in all our products linked to accuracy and performance, leading to significant increases in conversion rates. An essential factor when evaluating the performance of biometric solutions and one that Veridas has never had any problem certifying.

Digital Onboarding: more accurate document reading and a new, game-changing auto-classification system

Our Identity Verification Platform (IDV) has undergone improvements in several facets. To begin with, we have continued to improve the accuracy of reading ID documents, with a particular focus on U.S. documents. Specifically, we have improved the Character Error Rate (CER) by an average of 2%.

We have also added new identity documents to our global coverage, such as the new Croatian ID card or the new Portuguese driving license among others.

Regarding our Plug & Play onboarding solution, also known as XpressID, we launched a new auto-sorting functionality that promises to revolutionize the customer experience. Thanks to this new technology, end users will not need to specify either the type of document (except for passports) or the issuing country when initiating a digital onboarding process, substantially improving the overall experience and conversion rates.

Finally, release 2023.2 also enhances our case-management tool, Boidas, to enable better control and monitoring of production activity and improvements to most of our SDKs: document, selfie, video, and NFC.

Facial and voice authentication: optimized engines for higher conversion and reduced processing times

The improvements of this release concerning the Facial and Voice Biometric Authentication solutions have focused on optimizing the biometric engines to achieve better conversion results without compromising the security obtained. This has been possible in our Facial Biometrics Active Life Test, qualified by iBeta with level 2 concerning ISO 30.107, and in our Voice Biometrics engine. 

Precisely, about voice biometrics, we have optimized the solution for its operation in the telephone channel, which brings improvements in conversion rates of 25%. In addition, we have improved our Voice Activity Detection (VAD) processing time by 87% on average, which translates into faster processing times.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about all the enhancements in our documentation portal or contact our sales or technical teams.


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