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/Partnership between Veridas and Avantgarde

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Veridas and Avantgarde alliance

Veridas, a world leader in developing biometric solutions for digital identity verification, and Avantgarde IT Services, a digital transformation agency specializing in the research of new technologies and a global provider of consulting and technology services, have signed a collaboration agreement for the integration of their respective solutions.

Within this collaboration framework, both companies respond to the business needs of sectors as diverse as Contact Centers, Logistics, Security or Elderly Care, complementing Veridas biometric identity verification solutions, with the integration in the operating systems and the analytical exploitation of data through the services provided by Avantgarde IT Services.

Expanding the biometric magic triangle

Together with Avantgarde, we look forward to continuing to help companies in the magic triangle of improved user experience, cost savings, and enhanced security: aspects that our biometric technology solves excellently,” explained Ignacio del Castillo, Director of Strategic Alliances at Veridas.  

Alberto Ballesteros, CEO of Avantgarde IT Services, said: “Veridas’ identity verification capabilities bring extraordinary value to the optimization of company processes. It is a privilege to be able to count on a partner like Veridas to continue providing solutions to our customers that enable them to drive practical, efficient innovation with a rapid return on investment,” he said.

This collaboration has already materialized in concrete success stories, having jointly developed the identity verification process to activate alarms through voiceprint recognition in a Spanish company of reference in the security sector.


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