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/Veridas accredited to verify non-face-to-face identity in the Spanish Public Administration

Veridas - Acreditada para verificación de identidad no presencial
Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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First company in Spain

Veridas, the leading Spanish company in biometric technology, has been accredited to verify the non-presential identity of users in the Spanish Public Administration. According to the certifier Dekra, eIDAS (EU) conformity assessment body, Veridas’ non-presential video-identification tool complies with the security requirements demanded by the National Cryptologic Center’s high category ICT Security Guide, one of the most demanding. It is, therefore, valid for use. 

Complying with this validation is indispensable for all tools that use non-face-to-face user identification methods in the process of requesting qualified electronic certificates and means that the technology is prepared to minimize potential security threats within the framework of Order ETD/465/2021 of May 6, 2021.

Remote video identification applied to Public Administration procedures opens up a new range of applications for users, the primary beneficiaries of these technological innovations.  Among others, this type of technology will allow the Spanish self-employed to carry out administrative procedures and formalities, with total security and reliability, without going to local administration offices. It could also be applied to pensioners who would use biometric technology to provide proof of life and thus avoid going to the local office to collect their pension. Finally, it would also make it possible to validate the physical features of a user’s ID card through the camera of a computer, tablet or cell phone.

In this line, the Government of Euskadi has recently announced that the biometric technology developed by the accredited Veridas can be used to obtain the BakQ, a means of identification and electronic signature of Euskadi. The consistory will make it available to users when its homologation is completed.

Media workshop

Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas, commented at a media workshop:

Having obtained this accreditation is a sign of the high standards of effectiveness and security with which we work at Veridas. It is a great leap forward both for Veridas and for society, which will be able to take advantage of the guarantees offered by biometric technology in terms of verifying the identity of individuals.

“Our vision of biometric technology is based on a magic triangle: shielding security in identification processes, reducing the risk of password and key theft; optimizing costs by making processes more efficient, both for users and for companies; and improving the user experience by turning identification and identity verification processes into agile, comfortable and simple procedures.

Reliability and safety as the focus of our work

With this authorization, the technology company from Navarre becomes the first Spanish company to certify its technology for the verification of non-presential identity in the Spanish Public Administration, a new milestone for Veridas, which has accumulated multiple awards and quality certifications in recent months. 

In this sense, the company, led by Eduardo Azanza, has recently obtained the Certificate of Conformity of the National Security Scheme, issued by Bureau Veritas Certification. This certificate complements the ISO 27001 certification, acquired in 2020 in the field of information security systems, confirms the company’s security policy in the use of electronic media and the adequate protection of information and, in short, proves that Veridas technology can participate in public administration tenders with all the information security requirements of the National Security Scheme.

All these certifications underpin the company’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in its technology.

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