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/Veridas and Deutsche Telekom shared the stage at Digital X 2021

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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On September 7th and 8th, the German city of Cologne hosted Digital X, the main event on digitalization organized by the telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom, who chose Veridas as its sole partner for voice biometrics solutions in 2020, deployed a complete event program full of knowledge and innovation on digital transformation to which Veridas has actively participated.

Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas, participated as a speaker at the conference under the title «Voice everywhere. Why business should act now?» and Reghu Ram Thanumalayan, Senior Vice President, Magenta Voice Program and Product Innovation at Deutsche Telekom. The conference, held on the «Magenta Stage» of the 25 Hours Hotel, reviewed the main reasons why the German multinational chose Veridas over other top competitors and presented some real cases of the application of voice biometrics technology in the world.

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On the second day of Digital-X 2021, Miguel Zarraluqui, Voice Biometrics Product Manager at Veridas, and Miguel Ángel Adan, Sales Manager at Veridas, participated together with Alwin Schrittwieser, Voice Product Manager & AI Solutions at Deutsche Telekom, in a workshop with potential customers to review the main advantages of voice authentication.

No identity certainty, no digital transformation

At the conference, Eduardo Azanza stressed the importance of digital transformation and creating a more secure virtual environment.

«Without certainty in identity, there is no digital transformation. Voice is not a fad. It is a paradigm shift.» With this message, Eduardo Azanza began his presentation at Digital-X.

«For this reason, the main objective pursued by Veridas is to offer, through its voice biometrics solutions, security to all-digital operations on the Internet, providing its customers the certainty of knowing who is really on the other side of the screen. Without neglecting one of its fundamental pillars: user privacy,» concluded Eduardo Azanza.

Voice authentication and its success stories

On the second day of Digital X, the workshop presented by Miguel Zarraluqui and Miguel Angel Adan showed, among other use cases, the use of voice biometrics applied to the proof of life test currently offered by BBVA Mexico thanks to the biometric technology of Veridas. This case study showed how Veridas technology allows a person to verify their identity using only their voice. With a simple phone call, our solution has allowed more than 45,000 Mexican citizens to perform this process conveniently and without the need to leave their homes, making their lives easier and safer.

During the workshop, there was the opportunity to present the reasons that make Veridas technology unique in the market; its authentication in three seconds, regardless of the text or language of its users; and its accuracy of more than 99.9%, its anti-fraud technology that allows detecting if the voices are authentic or pre-recorded, among others.

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For all these reasons, Deutsche Telekom has chosen Veridas as its voice biometrics partner and explained this during the voice authentication workshop at Digital X 2021.

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