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Veridas receives the visit of Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya

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Today we had the honour of receiving the visit of Arancha González Laya, Minister of Foreign Affairs and María Chivite, President of the Government of Navarra at our headquarters in Tajonar.

During the meeting, we have deepened in the field of artificial intelligence and identity verification solutions based on biometrics, emphasizing the privacy and security of these systems.

Designed to protect privacy by default, the biometrics engines developed by Veridas operate by the strictest European and global data protection regulations.

As Leire Arbona, the company’s head of legal and compliance explained, “Biometrics work with biometric vectors. These vectors, generated from our photo, are numerical codes that do not provide any information about us, they simply serve for comparison. They are irreversible, you cannot go back to the original image, and interoperable, they cannot be used by other systems for other uses”.

The applications of biometrics are diverse and are aimed at improving people’s quality of life and increasing the security of digital transactions.”

The technology developed by Veridas and das-Nano is in production in different sectors, and performed 20 million identity verifications worldwide last year.

In addition, the innovative profile of the company has been highlighted, which has a strong commitment to the generation, attraction and retention of talent here in Navarra, participating actively in the LuzIA foundation, whose mission is to awaken technical vocations from an early age.

Veridas onboarding solutions are already implemented in several companies in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors among others.

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