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Veridas takes part in the joint face-and-voice-recognition evaluation from NIST

November 25, 2021

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Product Manager - Voice Biometrics


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released the results for the new evaluation on both face and voice biometric engines working together. The challenge develops under the rules of the Speaker Recognition evaluation. Each identity among the database has an audio segment and a selfie. After both comparisons are carried out, an average score is issued.

Veridas is one of the very few companies globally capable of providing both these services, offering a complete and modular onboarding experience that guarantees maximum security. This combination opens up hundreds of possibilities for both customers and users. The double-factor verification combining both face and voice biometrics increases certainty and security to a whole new level while offering users different ways to authenticate according to each circumstance. Authorising transactions in a chatbot by sending a 3-second audio text or activating a SIM card by taking a selfie is now possible thanks to Veridas’ solutions.

Top technology and transparency, our core values

Veridas has been submitting its technologies to NIST’s evaluations since 2018 and continues to do so with the firm belief that constant scrutiny is the only way to maintain its position as a global leader in the biometric solutions market.

The biometric engines submitted to NIST evaluations are the same that we offer to clients in our cloud. The evaluation results become even more significant as they are tested on the actual commercial product rather than on specific variations adjusted to perform better under each category’s requirements. Veridas das-Face and das-Peak engines are balanced and top-performers in every scenario, making them a secure and feasible solution for real-life use cases.

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