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/Facial biometrics: say goodbye to the problems associated with access to your sports club

Un socio accede a su club con reconocimiento facial
María Echavarri

María Echavarri

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As summer begins, thousands of members prepare every day to spend their time exercising and relaxing by the pool with friends and family. However, access to the club, which should ideally be a smooth and seamless process, turns into an odyssey for both members and reception staff.

At the main entrance, queues and blockages form as mothers and fathers, laden with sports bags, food, baby strollers, and children in their arms, try unsuccessfully to find their membership cards.

Another recurring situation is the frustration of older members. They have accessed the club without any problems throughout their lives, and now they struggle because their fingerprint doesn’t work, they’ve forgotten their card at home, or they don’t know how to use the mobile app.

It’s also common to come across unfamiliar faces. Many people use the facilities only in the summer, others have recently joined, and many have paid for a day pass. However, this forces the security staff to randomly request membership cards or ID numbers from those who are peacefully eating or sunbathing. This proves bothersome for members and tedious for security personnel who could be engaged in other tasks.

These are situations that sports club managers talk about regularly. The challenge is identified, but now they must take a step further and explore different alternatives to solve these problems.
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How to Improve Access Management in Your Club?

When choosing an access control system, it’s essential to analyze all identified problems and find a solution that can address them effectively.

For this purpose, it is essential that the system provides convenience to all users, enhances control and security of the facilities, and, of course, is easy to integrate without representing a significant economic investment.

Facial Recognition Access System

Many sports clubs across Spain have embraced Veridas’ facial recognition technology as their access control solution. Navarra has emerged as the leading autonomous community in this field, with eight of its most prestigious sports clubs, including Club Tenis Pamplona, Ciudad Deportiva Amaya, and Agrupación Deportiva San Juan, already offering this innovative form of access. Why? Because of the convenience it provides and its user-friendly simplicity.

The use of this technology is straightforward. The member simply needs to give consent to the club, which then registers them based on their photo stored in its database. Automatically, once this process is completed, the member can comfortably enter the club through facial recognition via terminals installed at access points, eliminating the need for membership cards or QR codes.

In addition, another significant benefit of this access system is its integration and installation. In just 6 weeks, it can be seamlessly integrated with various club management software and access controls.

This way, all access information is collected and centralized on a single platform, and it’s possible to install facial recognition terminals in different spaces: main entrances, gyms, paddle tennis courts, or even spas.

Acceso por reconocimiento facial a Club Tenis Pamplona
Acceso a club deportivo con reconocimiento facial
In conclusion, facial recognition access effectively addresses the situations described earlier.

The entry process becomes swift and seamless. No longer are there queues at the main entrance. Parents loaded with bags can access quickly and without friction. Older individuals are delighted to access so comfortably, feeling welcomed.

Moreover, both the club manager and the security staff can rest assured and dedicate their time to other activities, knowing that all those unfamiliar faces have been recognized and are entitled to spend the day at the club.
If you also want to revolutionize access management to your sports club facilities and approach summer with more ease, join over 35 sports entities across Spain that have already automated their access, offering an extraordinary experience to all their members.

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