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/More than 35 sports entities in Spain offer facial recognition access to their members

Acceso por reconocimiento facial a Club Tenis Pamplona
María Echavarri

María Echavarri

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More than 35 sports organizations throughout Spain have already digitized their facilities by relying on Veridas facial biometrics technology. With it, they have automated their access management processes and offer their members an improved experience.

In Navarra, members of Club Tenis de Pamplona, Agrupación Deportiva San Juan or Ciudad Deportiva Amaya, already enjoy this innovative access system. Other sports entities such as; Club Tennis Sabadell, in Catalonia, Go Fit in Madrid, Club Tenis Osca in Aragon, Club Nazaret in Andalusia, or the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga, located in Asturias, have also relied on Veridas to advance in their digital transformation.

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Increased convenience for members

Convenient, fast and secure, this is the access experience of members to their sports facilities thanks to facial biometrics. Veridas facilitates access to any type of facility with the face, in less than 1 second and without the need to carry physical credentials.

In order for members of sports clubs to gain access through this innovative system, all they have to do is give their consent to the club, who will register them based on their ID photo.

After registration, the user simply has to approach the facial terminal located at the access points of their club, which will open in less than 1 second after recognizing the person.

The performance of this solution is capable of providing access to 30 people per minute, an unprecedented figure in access to sports facilities. This speed of access generates an exceptional user experience, with no waiting or queuing.

Security for sports entities

This biometric access system verifies the identity of those who access the club and denies access to those who are not entitled to do so. It also eliminates the possibility of handing out access credentials, such as ID cards or keys, increasing the club’s security level.

“It works very well, it is a fast and reliable system that solves the problem of people sneaking in. We are very happy with it “With the same barcode, up to 4 people could gain access, and in summer it is common to find more than 150 accesses a day from non-members.”

Javier Moso, Manager at Agrupación Deportiva San Juan

”We have the reliability that the person coming in is a member and it also brings a lot of convenience. This system is much better and also helps meet our goal of digital transformation and convenience. People are very happy.”

Joaquín Arbeloa, Manager at Club Tenis Pamplona

Fast and easy implementation

The Veridas system integrates seamlessly with the customer’s sports software and with any type of winch or door, being installed and operational in less than six weeks.

“The implementation of the system could not have been easier and in one morning it was installed and operational. Having this system installed gives you a security and safety guarantee that you can’t have in any other way. It does not fail and it is instantaneous”.

Luis Ariel – security director of C.A Osasuna

“We like the system very much; efficient in the recognition, fast in the opening of the turnstile. Its installation, moreover, has been a complete success.”

Luis Carretero – Manager of Club Natación Almería

Cutting-edge facial recognition technology with Navarrese origin

Increasing corporate security, reducing costs and improving the user access experience are the pillars of Veridas’ identity and access platform. The company operates globally and has already facilitated more than 2 million accesses to soccer stadiums, corporate facilities or events, with clients such as Repsol, Acciona, IOM, C.A. Osasuna and Grupo Veramatic among many others.

Its technology is manufactured in Navarra and validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States, the world’s leading reference in the evaluation of this type of technology, in addition to certified anti-fraud techniques and maximum regulatory compliance to ensure user privacy.

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