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Leaving behind the digital divide

Since our inception, we have been involved in different initiatives to improve the ecosystem in which we live and generate a digital environment that includes everyone.  

das-Nano Foundation > El Salvador

The most advanced technology in the world's most disadvantaged places

Years ago, the companies of das-Nano Group (das-Nano, Veridas and dasGate), started to give online computer and programming classes in schools in El Salvador with the help of the NGOs Alboan and Fe y Alegría

When the initiative had been running for 2 years, it was decided to go a step further and train the local teachers themselves so that they could teach their students and thus make the project more scalable and sustainable. This in-person course given at our headquarters in Pamplona has already been held twice and will continue to be held with increasing participation. 

Los docentes sudamericanos, en las puertas de Alboan

LuzIA Foundation > Navarre

Awakening technical vocations from an early age

Through the LuzIA Foundation, of which Veridas is a founding member, our employees train young people in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These courses are oriented both to more technical profiles and to the rest of the students as it aims to make them aware of how important Artifical Intelligence will be in their lives and to understand how it works and how it develops. 

In the summer of 2020, this activity had the honor of receiving the visit of the King and Queen of Spain to see the progress of the students in the course. In the last year, other initiatives have been developed such as the Artificial Intelligence Week in the schools of Navarra or the “Teresa Project”, which aims to launch a plan focused on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the digital space. 

Employment Service of Navarre > Navarre

'Digital Builders', a digital reinsertion into the labor market

In collaboration with the Navarre Employment Service, das-Nano group launched this year a program aimed at professionals who are unemployed or who want to turn their career around.

The main idea behind this initiative is that the future of work requires a lot of “manpower” in digital tasks for which any professional can be prepared in just a few months, without the need to have studied a technical career. 

With this project, das-Nano group aims to give opportunities to people in need and bring, once again, the world of technology to all social groups. 

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