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/Fast-tracking football entry with facial biometrics

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Entering a football stadium, or any mass event for that matter, was an experience that required a good deal of time and patience. Until facial biometrics came along. Now it can be a quick, convenient and secure experience.

In a summer without a World Cup, football fans have had to resort to the usual distractions to get through these weeks without competition: the rumours of the transfer market, the presentation of new kits, the season ticket renewal campaign… But it’s over: LaLiga is back, the excitement is back.

We are ready to get back to the routine and the liturgy every time our team plays at home. We put on our jerseys, we prepare a sandwich for half-time, we meet up with our usual friends for a pre-match preview, we make sure we have our ID card in our wallet… Well, the latter is not always necessary.

Facial recognition, the fastest way to enter a stadium

A large number of Osasuna fans do not need to take this last step. Their season ticket can stay at home and they will have no problem getting into El Sadar. Why? Because they will do it with their faces and in the fast lane.

Since last season, El Sadar has had 8 Veridas access points that allow those members who wish to do so to enter the stadium using their facial biometrics instead of having to pass their season ticket through the usual turnstile. This system allows up to 20 fans per minute to enter the stadium, avoiding queues and crowds. This unprecedented smooth entry rate represents a historic change for fans and stadium managers alike.

A voluntary access system activated in 3 easy steps

Members wishing to use this system only have to complete a registration, which they can do online from any device. They simply need to scan their ID card, their club season ticket and take a selfie. From then on, they will be able to access the venue, either with their face or with their physical season ticket, whichever they prefer.

What if one day I can’t go to a match and I want to leave my season ticket with a family member or friend? No problem, you can continue to do so as before. Technology at the service of people.

Biometric access, an option for all clubs and organisations

The innovative and avant-garde spirit of C.A. Osasuna was endorsed when it received the award for Best Stadium in the World in 2021. A new, completely remodelled stadium that incorporates the best technology at all levels, also in the access systems.

Being the first team to incorporate facial biometrics into their stadium earned them major accolades, including a nomination for The Stadium Business award, in which they competed against world-class clubs such as the Brooklyn Nets, Inter Milan and Burnley.

The Premier League, Calcio, the NBA, the NFL, the Ivy League… Osasuna was the first club to rely on this innovation, but it will not be the last. Veridas accesses are available for any stadium or venue, both for sporting use and for any type of event. The benefits, for the club and its members, are clear: it is the easiest and safest way to access a football match.

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