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Artificial Intelligence Engineer


We need an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ENGINEER to be involved in the development of industrial applications and solutions for voice biometrics identification, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, as well as their implementation, monitoring and optimization. To this end, you will be aware of the technological trends in the industry and participate in the development of the company’s technology strategy.

Role & Responsibilities

Integrated in the Voice Biometrics team, and reporting to the Head of this Area, he/she will perform, among others, the following functions:

  • Research in Artificial Intelligence techniques.
  • Development, training and validation of algorithms.
  • Development and integration of biometric algorithms, anti-spoofing techniques, etc.
  • Algorithm programming in Python, C++, Java, Tensorflow, etc.
  • Definition, design and implementation of Software Architectures.
  • Final product development.
  • Development and implementation of applications based on API’s and microservices.

For integration in high-tech systems, deep neural networks (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) and biometrics.

What we offer

To be part of a high-tech company, with its own product and operating worldwide in critical environments. Possibility of developing a worldwide professional career, and to be part of a team composed of highly qualified and experienced personnel.

  • Fixed and variable remuneration, very competitive and in line with the candidate’s experience.
  • Teleworking according to company policy.
  • Collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment.
  • Continuous training.

We are waiting for you!


  • Qualifications: Engineer/Graduate/Master/Doctor in Computer Science
  • Experience: 2 years experience in similar positions,
  • Languages: advanced English.
  • Valuable technical skills: technical knowledge at machine learning and artificial intelligence level.
  • Attitudes: initiative, teamwork, problem-solving, analytical skills.

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