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/What is the best system for clocking into work in Spain?

Empleada accede a su oficina por reconocimiento facial
María Echavarri

María Echavarri

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Clocking in for the work schedule has become a necessity to comply with regulations and avoid potential fines. Since May 2019, the law requires companies to monitor the entry and exit times of their employees, so it is essential to choose a system that is comfortable and easy to use for everyone.

To facilitate the work of employees and Human Resources departments, Veridas has developed an access control and clocking system that provides workers with greater convenience, alleviating the stress that this process can cause. Clocking in and accessing with their face.

Sistema de reconocimiento facial para fichar en el trabajo.
Bildu Lan employee accesses and clocks in using facial recognition.

A system that optimizes employee time and attendance control

Veridas, as a system for clocking in at work, allows for an improved experience and access control for employees. How does it work?
  • Starting from an employee’s photo or a selfie, Veridas generates a digital biometric credential that allows the worker to access and clock in using facial recognition.
  • Once the credential is generated, the employee approaches the facial recognition terminal installed at the company’s entrance.
  • The employee is authenticated by the terminal in less than a second and opens the door or turnstile without the need for keys or cards.
  • Additionally, the system records the employee’s entry and exit times in its timekeeping platform, a valuable tool for Human Resources managers.

Advantages of the Veridas clocking and access system

This way, accessing and clocking in and out at work becomes a much more comfortable and straightforward activity, as the need to do it manually is eliminated.

Benefits for the company

  • Compliance with labor schedule clocking regulations
  • Certainty and security that the individuals accessing are indeed their employees
  • Automated dashboards and reporting systems

Benefits for employees

  • Convenience of access without needing physical credentials or memorizing codes
  • Automated clocking

“ With Veridas' employee management solution, our workers access the facilities in a much more comfortable and secure manner, without the need to carry a physical credential and search for it to gain access. Additionally, we have a much more agile and simple solution to verify our employees' work hours, allowing us to also have detailed insights into work hours, who is present in the building, and who is telecommuting; data that is crucially relevant for our Talent & Culture department.”

Other companies like C.A. Osasuna, Bildu Lan, and Bracox in Mexico City have also embraced this technology and have exponentially improved the access and clocking experience for their employees.

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