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Veridas Expands Its Age Verification Solution, Enabling Seamless Compliance with Enhanced User Experience

Age Estimation Solution Delivers Accurate and Efficient Age Verification

Veridas, a leading global provider of AI-driven identity verification solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking Age Verification product. Designed to help businesses meet stringent age verification regulations, this cutting-edge solution combines biometric verification and artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and efficient age verification services.

Veridas’ existing Age Verification solution now comes equipped with Age Validation capabilities, which only require a simple selfie. This new component will allow our customers to drive age verification processes that respect their users’ privacy by not requiring them to show or send any personal data, such as identity documents.

In an era of tightening regulatory restrictions, businesses face increasing pressure to comply with age verification laws or face severe penalties, including fines and legal actions. Veridas’ Age Verification product offers a seamless and reliable solution, empowering businesses to verify customer ages quickly and confidently.

A growing regulatory context for greater child protection

Regulatory bodies worldwide are increasingly focused on implementing measures to safeguard children in the digital era. Stricter age verification requirements are enforced for online platforms, including gambling, social media, adult sites and marketplaces. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to significant penalties and legal consequences.

In the United Kingdom, regulations such as the Gambling Commission’s License Conditions and Codes of Practice and the recently introduced “Age Assurance” provision of the Children’s Code emphasize age verification to prevent underage access to online platforms and protect children from age-inappropriate content. In the United States, individual states are taking proactive measures to address age verification and child protection online. Examples include Louisiana’s law requiring age verification on pornography websites and Arkansas’ Social Media Safety Act. Federal proposals, such as the Mature Act and the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), seek to introduce national regulations and age verification standards for online platforms.

These UK and US regulations highlight the ongoing efforts to establish comprehensive age verification mechanisms and ensure enhanced child protection measures in the digital landscape.

Veridas Age Verification for Businesses: Swift, Reliable, and Secure Solution

Veridas offers an advanced Age Verification solution designed to benefit businesses and enhance customer experiences with:

  • Swift and Reliable Verification:
    Our biometrics-based solution ensures quick age verification, mitigating fines and reputational damage while delivering fast and frictionless customer access experiences.
  • Increased Customer Acquisition:
    Streamlined age verification processes enhance user experiences, reducing friction and boosting customer acquisition with a quick selfie backed by our Real-Identity Platform.
  • Protected Reputation:
    Veridas’ advanced technology safeguards businesses from compliance breaches, protecting their brand reputation and ensuring trust by meeting age-related regulatory requirements.
  • Simplified Compliance:
    Veridas’ solution prioritizes customer privacy, aligning with evolving data protection regulations and providing an extra layer of trust while simplifying compliance.

Veridas Age Validation: The New Addition to Our Orchestrated Solutions for Tailored Age Verification

Veridas takes a comprehensive approach to Age Verification, combining cutting-edge AI technology, robust anti-spoofing measures and meticulous document checks. As of today, the highlight of Veridas’ offerings is the new Facial Age Validation service, which leverages advanced facial biometrics to determine an individual’s age within milliseconds. This innovative solution can be used independently or orchestrated with other Veridas Age Verification suite components, providing businesses with a guided experience and real-time feedback.

Veridas’ Facial Age Validation service revolutionizes age verification by utilizing facial biometrics. Lightning-fast processing accurately determines whether an individual is above or below the target age. Businesses can seamlessly integrate this service into their verification process, ensuring a guided experience for customers and real-time feedback on age validation.

However, Veridas’ suite of Age Verification solutions goes beyond Facial Age Validation. It includes automated ID document verification, facial biometric checks, liveness detection, database, and government checks. These solutions enhance the overall verification process, ensuring the authenticity of documents, precise identity verification, prevention of fraud through deepfakes or presentation attacks, real-time validation of IDs and selfies, and cross-referencing against official government databases.

“As regulatory bodies continue to tighten restrictions on age-restricted products and services, Veridas is committed to delivering advanced solutions that streamline compliance processes and enhance user experiences,” said Eduardo Azanza, CEO at Veridas. “Our Age Verification product leverages cutting-edge AI technology, providing businesses with the means to safeguard against underage access while delivering a seamless and frictionless experience for their customers.”

Veridas, with its extensive experience in these sectors, has been at the forefront of verifying ages for organizations such as BBVA, Cabify, Renfe, Codere, Sportium, and Alkomprar, among others. By partnering with industry leaders like OneSpan, LexisNexis, and TransUnion, Veridas has demonstrated its commitment to delivering top-notch identity verification solutions.

To learn more about Veridas’ Age Verification Solution and its AI-driven identity verification products suite, visit

About Veridas:

Veridas is a global leader in AI-driven identity verification solutions, empowering businesses to verify identities accurately and efficiently. Based on proprietary technology, Veridas’ solutions offer seamless compliance, uncompromising security, and enhanced user experiences across a wide range of industries. With a commitment to responsible AI and global compliance, Veridas is revolutionizing the way identities are verified, paving the way for a passwordless and keyless future.

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