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/How to avoid fraud in videoconferencing

Veridas - Webinar Seguridad videoconferencia
Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Identity verification problems

Users and passwords have long been the most efficient security measure, but this is no longer the case. In addition, social distancing has accelerated the need to carry out procedures remotely, avoiding travel and direct contact between people. This has generated the need to implement more secure methods of identity verification, such as biometric technology based on Artificial Intelligence.

How to avoid fraud in videoconferences

From Veridas, we will give the webinar “How to avoid fraud in videoconferencing” together with our partner Enghouse. In these sessions (October 6th in English and October 7th in Spanish), you will receive first-hand information on how to avoid fraud and ensure the security of your customers and your organization by using Vidyo’s integrated biometric authentication system, which allows you to verify identity remotely with 99.9% accuracy thanks to Veridas biometric technology and face verification services.

Key topics for discussion will include:

  • How to minimize fraud in digital transactions and build customer trust.
  • Facial biometrics system integration with Vidyo.
  • Use cases of biometric authentication in video conferencing.

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