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Easy integration ID proofing products to serve citizens in a new digital world

The world is rapidly turning its eyes to the digital revolution. This affects not only the private sector but government entities as well, which have to keep up with the latest technologies.
Identity Verification is crucial for several processes in the Public Sector.
In Veridas we help you to walk through this transformation safely.
  • Citizens procedures: Physical attendance can be a burden sometimes, specially for the eldest. Digital Identity Verification allows citizens to carry out all sorts of formalities online over Treasury, School enrollment, Certificates renovations and much more.
  • Border Control: Our facial engine can be crucial to identify wanted criminals or suspects in state and regional frontiers.
  • Administration onboarding and digital log-in: Many government procedures require users to be authenticated. Our solutions allow for a secure and fast identity verification process.
  • Database analysis: Our fraud detecting system can analyse duplicate identities or identify individuals within a given database.
  • Biometric Access Control: Regulating access to institutional buildings by controlling people, not credentials.

Some of of the government institutions that have put their trust in Veridas are:​