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/BBVA lands in Italy as a 100% digital bank using Veridas digital onboarding solution

Veridas - BBVA Italia nace como banco digital con la tecnología de onboarding digital
Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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BBVA lands in Italy as a 100% digital bank

BBVA has become a benchmark and innovative financial institution in the market, using biometric solutions, such as Veridas digital onboarding or voice authentication. Now, with this technology that provides maximum security and improves the user experience, BBVA has decidedly launched into the Italian market as a 100% digital bank. The bank had already been present in Italy for more than three decades through the wholesale banking business, and 2021 was the year to take the step to offer its services to retail customers as well.

Only the combination of biometrics and Artificial Intelligence makes this possible in a secure, easy and private way. Thanks to the digital onboarding offered by Veridas, it is possible to have the convenience and security of using a 100% digital bank with all the guarantees.

“Our value proposition aims to bring together the product offering and robustness of a traditional bank with the customer experience of a digital player. We want to bring to Italy the best of these two worlds: a universal digital bank,” said Onur Genç, BBVA’s CEO.

All this proposal is a clear commitment to innovation and security; BBVA has been recognized, for the fifth consecutive year, as a leader in digital experience in Europe by Forrester. Today, 38 million of the Group’s customers interact with the bank through digital channels; more than 62% do so through the mobile app, and 7 out of 10 sales are made digitally.

“Italy is a large market that is undergoing a profound digital transformation. Online commerce, the use of mobile banking and card payments have grown in double digits in recent years, providing great growth opportunities,” adds Onur Genç.

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Veridas' key role

Veridas plays a pivotal role within BBVA‘s value proposition and has played a significant role in helping the bank achieve leadership in the digital world.

Users are increasingly demanding omnichannel communication with companies. And our onboarding solution allows companies like BBVA Italia to break that first barrier and open up a world of digital possibilities in a new market for them.

“From BBVA we have arrived in Italy with the ambition to be the ‘Zero Commission Everyday Mobile Bank’ of reference for our customers, with a mobile banking experience without commissions, with tools that help to save and control expenses from the ‘app’ conveniently and simply, and with financing products oriented to the needs of everyday life, contractable in a ‘click’ and with straightforward and competitive prices,” says the head of digital banking at BBVA in Italy, Javier Lipuzcoa.

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