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/After the success of the first edition, Veridas and the Navarre Employment Service launches the second edition of the program ‘Digital Builders’.

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Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The Navarre Employment Service and Veridas have joined efforts once again to launch the second edition of the “Digital Builders” training program. This innovative program seeks to provide unemployed young people, as well as adults, or those who want to change their professional career, with the opportunity to acquire digital skills and improve their employability in the labor market.

The first edition was a success because nearly 60% of the graduates have been hired by companies to develop their new digital skills. The rest of the graduates are completing their professional internships and have very good prospects to consolidate their new knowledge through a job.

This innovative training program, which is subsidized by the Navarre Employment Service, is scheduled to start in September 2023 and will end in February 2024. It consists of 605 theoretical-practical hours in a hybrid format, combining classroom and online classes, and also offers three months of voluntary internships in companies to consolidate the knowledge acquired.Places to participate in the program are limited and the registration process opened on April 17. In this second edition, 20 persons can be trained and the selection process is already underway. Registrations can be made through this link.

Veridas teachers at the service of new Digital Builders

The ‘Digital Builders’ program stands out for its hands-on approach and project-based learning methodology. Students, who do not need to have previous experience, are guided at all times by a training team composed of Veridas professionals, who provide them with personalized attention and individualized follow-up to ensure that they get the most out of their training experience. Thanks to this combination of hands-on training and individualized attention, students are able to acquire valuable digital skills that will enable them to compete in an increasingly demanding job market. Thanks to this dedication and personalized attention from Veridas mentors, many students from the first edition have achieved their professional goals and have gained access to new job opportunities in the digital world.

The program is divided into two phases. The first, which starts in September, lasts six weeks and focuses on theoretical training in digital skills such as programming, web design, data analysis and digital marketing. Participants will have access to a complete curriculum that will allow them to acquire practical knowledge applicable to real work situations.

Once the theoretical phase is completed, participants will move on to the second phase of the program, which will end in February 2024, where practical training will be carried out through the implementation of real projects. In this way, the “Digital Bricklayers” will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the theoretical phase and gain practical experience in digital skills.

"At Veridas we are very proud to launch the second edition of the 'Digital Builders' program together with the Navarre Employment Service. This program represents a unique opportunity to train people in digital skills and improve their job prospects. We are committed to developing talent in Navarra and around the world, and we believe that this initiative is an excellent way to foster personal and professional growth. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on projects like this in the future, and helping to create a more educated, innovative and prosperous society."

The second edition of the “Digital Builders” program offers an excellent opportunity for participants to enhance their skills and capabilities in the digital world while providing them with greater employability in today’s ever-evolving job market.

The “Digital Bricklayers” program is an example of the commitment of the Navarra Employment Service and Veridas to the training and development of digital talent in the Navarra region. The participants of the first edition of the program were very satisfied with the results obtained, and many of them have managed to find employment in the digital sector after completing the program.

If you are interested in participating in the second edition of the “Digital Bricklayers” program, we encourage you to visit the website of the Navarra Employment Service, register as an applicant to access the program, and get more information about the requirements for participation.

In summary, the second edition of the “Digital Bricklayers” program represents a great opportunity to improve digital skills and employability in today’s job market. If you want to turn your professional career around and train in the digital world, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this innovative training program.

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