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Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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The Government of Navarra chose Veridas as the technology provider to improve citizens’ access to the EDUCA educational services and procedures platform.

Veridas’ biometric digital onboarding solution meets the objective set by the Government of Navarra to “facilitate families’ access to educational services and the management of different procedures with schools”.

The challenge: Provide digital access to users of the EDUCA platform

In Navarre, between schools, teachers, legal guardians and students… around 300,000 users use the computer system of the Department of Education of the Government of Navarre EDUCA to manage key school information such as enrollment and admission, queries on attendance and grades, and information on timetables and calendars, among others.

A cumbersome and costly procedure for citizens, and above all, not very efficient and sustainable. Until then, citizens had to go to the secretary’s office of their educational center to obtain the credentials (user name and password), once they had verified their identity in person by showing their ID card to the people responsible for issuing the credentials.

During the confinement caused by the pandemic, the Government of Navarra needed to find a solution that would eliminate the need to be in person but in a secure and reliable way, given the sensitivity of the procedures that could be carried out on the platform, such as the consultation of grades, attendance control, or the incident report.

But how to verify the identity of users securely and quickly, avoiding their physical presence?

The solution: Digital Onboarding by Veridas

Veridas, altruistically during the state of alarm, lent its biometric access solutions, able to provide certainty about the person accessing, avoiding the user to remember passwords or waste time writing them down.

The digital onboarding developed by Veridas allows to verify the identity of users in less than 1 minute with maximum security and the best user experience. Moreover, it is 100% compliant with GDPR regulation.

It is a fast and secure process where users only need to take a photo of their ID (both sides) and then take a selfie. After this, Veridas software determines (1) that the document is valid and (2) that it belongs to the person performing the process.

The result: secure access from home

The service was initially provided altruistically by Veridas during the state of alarm, as an aid to the urgent need to reduce presentiality and consequent digitalization. Satisfied with the results, the Government of Navarra has decided to extend its relationship with Veridas, and allow all Navarran citizens, simply by showing their face, to access EDUCA.

Thanks to Veridas’ digital onboarding, access to the EDUCA platform is simple, agile and secure, thus making “the use of contact, information and interaction tools more extensible to families”. 

Through Veridas technology, the Government of Navarra has achieved:

  • Improved user experience. 300,000 users can access EDUCA in an agile, comfortable, safe and secure way.
  • Increased efficiency and sustainability. The digitalization of many of the educational procedures reduces the need to be present in person and, consequently, the number of trips.
  • Increased security. Verification of people’s real identity digitally to carry out important procedures.

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