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Veridas and das-Nano host an initiation course in Artificial Intelligence for youngsters

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Artificial Intelligence for youngsters

Last Tuesday, March 3rd, an introductory course in Artificial Intelligence for young schoolchildren began at the headquarters of Veridas and das-Nano. This initiative is part of the activity of the incipient LuzIA Foundation and aims to awaken curiosity and technical vocation among young people.
Schoolchildren at Veridas and das-Nano’s headquarters.

The session was given by four mentors, employees of das-Nano and Veridas, and was attended by seven girls and four boys from the Liceo Monjardín School and a girl from the Sagrado Corazón School, all of them 4th-year ESO students. The full programme will last until June 16th with a total of 16 sessions. In addition to learning basic concepts for programming in scratch or phyton, the children will tackle projects related to the current challenges of the organising companies in terms of identity verification and access control.

The results of this pilot project will be the basis for the preparation of a global program with the same purpose that will start in the next academic year 20/21.

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